Finding ways to stay entertained during a winter of social distancing could become difficult. Afterall, there are only so many Netflix series to watch and books to stock up on. DIY crafting is a great way to keep your hands and mind busy while also experiencing the gratification of creating something useful from scratch. While there are many DIY tutorials available online that will teach you how to make a product completely from scratch, buying a pre-made kit helps make things a little easier. You also won’t have to worry about going out and gathering all of the needed pieces, ingredients or tools for your project.

A DIY crafting kit is also a pretty thoughtful gift during a pandemic. Because don’t forget, you’re not the only one who is bored at home during these tough times.

Below, we’ve put together a collection of the best DIY crafting kits available on Amazon:

DIY Kombucha Kit

A kombucha obsession can leave a big dent in your bank account and, not to mention, add lots of unnecessary evil sugar in your diet. The GetKombucha DIY kombucha kit makes it easy as ever to make your own favorite immortal health elixir in the comfort of your own home. The kit comes with organic black tea, green tea leaves, kombucha culture (scoby) and organic sugar cane. The funnest part is that you can get creative by mixing in your own flavors and sugar sources to create the kombucha of your dreams (mmm maple syrup kombucha!).

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DIY Craft Beer Brewing Kit

This Mr Beer Brewing Kit is the perfect starter kit for an aspiring brewer. The kit includes a two gallon reusable keg, eleven reusable plastic beer bottles with caps and labels, two of their best malt beer refills (Aztec Mexican Cerveza and Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner), two no-rinse equipment cleanser sachets, as well as a comprehensive beginner’s guide to beer making in video (DVD) and paper format. Not only is this the most affordable beer brewing kit on Amazon, it’s also an economical way to drink craft beer at home since you can brew about 24 pints of beer with the two refills provided.

If Mexican Beer and Czech Pilsner aren’t enough for you, you can also brew your own IPA, Irish Stout, American Ale, German Lager and more using Mr. Beer’s refills available in their Amazon store.With literally all you need to brew your own delicious beer from home, there’s no telling how far you can go with this awesome DIY brewing kit.

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DIY Musical Robot Kit

The DIY Robot Kit lets you build your own musical robot out of 221 pieces. Asides from the pieces, it comes with all the tools you’ll need to assemble your robot from A to Z. Think Gizmos robot making kit can equally be enjoyed by a teen or an adult.

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DIY Lip Balm Kit

Make your own natural lip balm from the comfort of your home! The DIY lip balm kit contains shea butter, coconut butter, a variety of essential oils and vitamins and all the containers and equipment needed to craft the perfect lip balm from home. It comes with detailed instructions to make a variety of lip balm recipes, so you’ll never get bored of one flavor.

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DIY Gin Starter Kit

While gin isn’t everyone’s drink of choice, we all have that friend who can’t live without it. This DIY gin kit comes with all the equipment you need to make your own homemade gin from the comfort of your home – except the vodka of course. Yes, gin is made from vodka! This DIY gin kit is the perfect starter kit for gin-making and a great introduction to the concept of steeping vodkas in general. It’s also a fun gift for a gin lover.

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DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit

The DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit is a fun way to get creative in the kitchen without too much effort. With six gourmet hot sauce recipes to choose from, this DIY kit comes with everything you need to create three hot sauce recipes of your choice. The kit’s contents include 2 bottles, a pouring funnel, labels cider vinegar, cayenne, curry, ancho and more fun stuff. The DIY Hot Sauce Kit is also an original gift for a hot sauce lover.

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DIY Cider Brewing Kit

Cider lovers, this DIY cider brewing kit is for you! This hard cider making kit comes with all the equipment and ingredients needed to made 8 bottles of cider from the comfort of your own home. The equipment is all reusable — simply purchase some Mr. Beer refills and you’re all set for another batch of homemade cider.

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DIY Bubblegum Making Kit

Bubble gum has to be the one consumable good that I’ve never considered making from scratch. Nonetheless, this DIY bubble gum kit contains everything you need to make half a pound of your own bubble gum. The kit comes with several ingredients and clear instructions to create the perfect chewing gum from scratch. It even includes wax paper to individually package your gum afterwards. You’ll just have to add your own food coloring of choice. This is a fun DIY kit for kids or adults, like myself, who enjoy hands-on activities and blowing huge bubbles.

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DIY Screen Printing Kit

This DIY silkscreen printing kit contains everything you need to silkscreen like a pro from home. Whether you’re a graphic designer with cool t-shirt ideas or are simply looking to silkscreen images you’ve found online, this kit will walk you through the steps to creating professional looking t-shirts. It comes with an informative silk screening tutorial DVD and manual to help get you started. Since it’s not as simple as you might think, we only recommend this kit to those who are seriously interested in learning how to screen print.

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Build Your Own Ukulele DIY Kit

Paint and build your own ukulele with this original ukulele DIY kit! Simply assemble the pieces and use your creative mind to paint it and give it a unique look. Aspiring ukulele players, this is for you.

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DIY Computer Kit

The DIY Computer Kit is a great entry route into the world of coding and technology development. Using this kit, virtually anyone over the age of seven can learn how to build and program a computer. Instead of a tedious manual, Kano comes with easy-to-follow story-like instructions that will walk you through the process using fun illustrations. It also comes with a build-it-yourself speaker and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

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