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  • i hate everything book

    I Hate Everything book

    There are not many books that can make me laugh out loud while reading. The I Hate Everything book is an ironic, realistic and hilarious read. The books covers everything from rich people who are as*holes to people who are always cold. No matter how positive and optimistic you are, you will surely relate to some of this hate. It's obviously the perfect gift for someone who hates everything.
  • Make Christmas great again sweater black
    Make Christmas great again sweater red

    Make Christmas Great Again Sweater

    This Make Christmas Great Again sweater is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater to sport during the holiday season. It comes in black or red and is surprisingly soft and cozy. It also makes a pretty funny Christmas gift!
  • DIY Gin Starter Kit

    While gin isn’t everyone’s drink of choice, we all have that friend who can’t live without it. This DIY gin kit comes with all the equipment you need to make your own homemade gin from the comfort of your home – except the vodka of course. Yes, gin is made from vodka! This DIY gin kit is the perfect starter kit for gin-making and a great introduction to the concept of steeping vodkas in general. It’s also a fun gift for a gin lover.
  • Blackout Yeti USB Microphone

    The Blue Blackout Yeti microphone is an affordable USB mic for streaming professional grade audio. The mo-fi powered USB microphone is perfect for gaming, webinars, webcasts, singing live or any other voice streaming needs really. Unlike other USB mics out there, Yeti is incredibly easy to use and produces crisp audio that is hard to beat at a similar price point. It’s available in 8 different shades and comes with a set of badass mo-fit powered headphones.
  • Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

    Nostalia’s Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker lets you easily make your own delicious ice cream or sorbet from the comfort of your home. The DIY ice cream it produces is apparently even better than store-bought ice cream. How unfathomable is that?! Depending on the type of ice cream-aholic you are, you can choose amongst vegan ice cream, sorbet, or regular old fashioned ice cream recipes. It’s designed like a vintage ice cream maker, making it all the more awesome.
  • Pick Your Poison Party Game

    Pick Your Poison is a simple but fun adult party game whereby players must decide amongst terrible “Would you rather…” scenarios. Poison cards get combined in order to create the worst scenarios possible. Players must then anonymously choose their ideal (or least terrible) scenario. Pick Your Poison is a hilarious way to get to know your friends while having a blast.
  • Passive Aggressive Notes Book

    This book illustrates hilarious passive aggressive notes that have been left for roommates, family members, co-workers and the like throughout history. Some will make you laugh out loud, others might make you concerned over the mental health of the writer. Nonetheless, these hostile notes are quite entertaining to read. They’re also a witty gift for a passive aggressive friend or boss (if you dare).
  • Datamancer The Sojourner Keyboard

    The best thing about the Datamancer Sojourner keyboard is the hundreds of hilarious reviews it has inspired on Amazon. While rummaging through dozens of reviews, you’ll suddenly stumble upon one that is so serious that it’s confusing. Are the swatches really from the Apollo 11 command capsule or am I gullible? Nonetheless, it seems as though fathers have sold their wives, their daughters’ virginities — only for the $15 shipping though — and even traded in their children to slavery in order to own this piece of work.
  • Ultimate Tequila Serving Kit

    Is tequila your go-to shot? This has to be the ultimate tequila serving kit. It comes with 4 shot glasses, a carrying tray, 4 different seasoning salts, a ceramic knife and even a cutting board for preparing limes. Just add a bottle of tequila and this tequila serving set makes a fun gift for a tequila lover. It even arrives nicely packaged in a gift box.
  • Hasakee H1 Drone Quadcopter with HD Video

    The Hasakee H1 Drone Quadcopter is a badass way to film HD videos from afar. Unlike many affordable drones out there, the Hasakee H1 drone is sturdy, very responsive, offers a decent range of 50 meters and can fly for up to 8 minutes. It comes with three different speeds, making it the perfect drone for beginners or more experienced aviators. It’s also shaped like a mysterious yellow bee.
  • All You Need is Love Neon Sign

    This All You Need is Love neon light is a stylish way to add some positive vibes and decorative lighting to any space. Choose from blue, pink, purple and white lights to get the lighting you want. The neon sign is surprisingly bright, will not overheat and arrives pre-assembled for your convenience.
  • DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit

    The DIY Gourmet Hot Sauce Kit is a fun way to get creative in the kitchen without too much effort. With six gourmet hot sauce recipes to choose from, this DIY kit comes with everything you need to create three hot sauce recipes of your choice. The kit’s contents include 2 bottles, a pouring funnel, labels cider vinegar, cayenne, curry, ancho and more fun stuff. The DIY Hot Sauce Kit is also an original gift for a hot sauce lover.
  • Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker

    Marshall’s Kilburn portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect medley between vintage and modern. It might look vintage but it offers a crisper sound than a modern Bose. It features a classic Marshall look and lets you easily adjust the bass and treble of your music with a knob. Asides from its crystal clear sound and its sturdy, compact build, the Marshall Kilburn is renowned for its 20-hour battery life.
  • Gourmet Bacon Jam

    TBJ Gourmet’s Bacon Jam is an easy and delicious way to incorporate more bacon goodness into your life. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet with a hint of caramelized onion. Add it to your burgers, sandwiches and just about anything edible. Bacon Jam is a delectable gift for a bacon lover.
  • Shit Happens Party Game

    Shit Happens is an easy to play and hilarious adult party game. Unlike lots of party card games out there, it comes with a whopping set of 300 cards so the game will go on for a while. Each card hilariously illustrates a shitty situation. Players must then rank these shitty situations on the “Misery Index”, which ranges from 1 to 100. Each shitty situation has been evaluated by a panel of experts (including social workers). If a player correctly guesses where that situation belongs on the misery index, they win the card. Overall, Shit Happens takes an original twist on most adult party games out there.
  • LUCIS Portable LED Lamp

    Funded by an Indiegogo campaign, LUCIS is a stylish portable LED lamp. What’s so special about this lamp you might ask? Asides from being a portable piece of eye candy, the LUCIS lamp comes packed with over 17 million colors. Unlike many LED lamps out there, LUCIS is controlled by nothing other than your bare hands. Shake it on, control the color and brightness with one hand and then shake it off when you’re not.
  • Trianium Metal Fidget Spinner

    Leave your chill pills at home — the Trianium Metal Fidget Spinner is here to relieve your anxiety (or to simply keep you on top of the latest trends). In all honesty, this quality metal-alloy fidget spinner has to be the most badass of fidget spinners out there. Its matté black finishing and quality ball bearings give it a sleek look and a smooth spin.
  • Ozobot 2.0 Bit Programmable Interactive Robot

    Unleash your inner geek! Ozobot 2.0 is a programmable Interactive Robot that lets you program your own personal interactive robot to do whatever you please. Through color coding and drawing paths, anyone can learn the basics of coding and deductive reasoning with Ozobot 2.0 —even a 5-year old! It comes with a website packed with programming resources and a fun app to get you started.
  • Bar Cocktail Utensils Set

    Without the right set of bar equipment, making cocktails at home can be a big mess. Well, look no further — we’ve found the ultimate cocktail equipment set on Amazon. It includes a strainer, two shakers, a bar spoon, a muddler, a fruit peeler, a pourer, a cork screwer, ice tongs and even a bottle opener. All cocktail utensils in the set are stainless steel so they can be conveniently thrown in the dishwasher after use. Ready to get your drink on?!
  • Goluk 1080p Mini Dash Cam Recorder

    As millennials, we’re naturally inclined to film our every move, regardless of whether anyone actually cares. With road trip season underway, this mini dash cam will ensure that you never miss a scenic moment en route. Easily add it to your car’s front dashboard, install the iOS or Android app and you’re all set. It even comes with crash detection, so it’ll start recording automatically when it detects a potential threat.
  • 3D LED Wolf Head Lamp

    The 3D Wolf Head LED lamp is an original way to add some ambient lighting to your space. It comes with 7 different color options that can be set to change automatically if desired. This wolf lamp is the perfect decorative piece for someone who collects wolf decor or simply loves wolves.
  • GetKombucha DIY Kombucha Kit

    A kombucha obsession can leave a big dent in your bank account and, not to mention, add lots of unnecessary evil sugar in your diet. The GetKombucha DIY kombucha kit makes it easy as ever to make your own favorite immortal health elixir in the comfort of your own home. The kit comes with organic black tea, green tea leaves, kombucha culture (scoby) and organic sugar cane. The funnest part is that you can get creative by mixing in your own flavors and sugar sources to create the kombucha of your dreams (mmm maple syrup kombucha!).
  • Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Maker

    I don’t know what it is, but guitar picks literally just disappear in thin air. It’s like there’s a guitar pick fairy desperately waiting to snatch them when you’re not looking. The Pick-a-palooza DIY guitar pick maker will ensure that you always have a guitar pick handy. The puncher comes with a few pieces of plastic to get you started, but you can actually use ANY plastic card — a great way to recycle your expired driver’s licenses or best of all, hotel cards. Punching the guitar picks is so much fun that you’ll find yourself obsessing over finding the perfect plastic to use next.
  • The Coldest Water Bottle

    There is nothing more unsatisfying than sipping hot water at the beach or after a long sweaty run. The Coldest Water Bottle will literally keep your water (or other beverage) cold for three days straight without ice or a fridge. Made of Premium Grade stainless steel and weighing 0.33 kg, this bottle is significantly lightweight weight compared to other hydro bottles out there that claim similar things. The bottle also floats so you can even take it into the water with you.
  • WTF did you say? card game

    WTF did you say? is a hilarious card game for anyone with a sick sense of humor. Like most party card games, it basically involves combining the most hilarious cards (at random) to formulate an even more hilarious sentence that must be read outloud. We can guarantee that by the end of the game you will be questioning your morals and dignity as well as that of your friends. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to Cards Against Humanity, WTF did you say? is a great option.
  • Virtual reality exercise bike
    VirZoom VR exercise bike

    VirZoom VR Exercise Bike

    Immerse yourself in the magic of virtual reality while getting a legitimate workout. Whether you’re using your PC (Steam) or PlayStation VR, VirZoom comes loaded with an ever-expanding collection of games, including motorcycle racing games, battle games, and jet flyer games. You can even ride a damn unicorn. VirZoom VR has to be the funnest way to workout in the comfort of your own home.
  • Calm the Fuck Down Coloring Book
    Adult Coloring Book Amazon

    Calm the Fuck Down – Adult Coloring Book

    This irrelevant Calm the Fuck Down Adult Coloring Book will help you calm to fuck down after a long day. All images provided are completely random – yet soothing — and are backed with fun and quirky quotes. Basically, stop taking life so seriously take your crayons out.
  • 3D printing pen
    3D printing pen

    3D Printing Pen

    The 7TECH 3D Printing Pen lets you unleash your inner workings and draw 3D objects in thin air — literally. This 3D pen is great for creating models, mini structures, artwork and any small prototype. Depending on your creative needs, you can easily change temperature from PLA to ABS. This is a cool gadget for an amateur 3D designer.
  • Holy Bible Flask
    Holy Bible Flask

    Holy Bible Flask

    No festival bag checker will ever guess what lies within your Holy Bible. This Holy Bible Flask is probably the most discreet and seemingly innocent way to hide your hard liquor. We can guarantee that lots of questions will be asked every time you whip this out of your pocket. It’s also a hilarious gag gift for someone religious. In fact, it’s even more hilarious for someone who’s agnostic.
  • Birdie make your camera fly
    Birdie DIY drone

    Birdie: Make Your Camera Fly

    Who needs a camera drone when you can make your GoPro action camera fly? Simply insert your GoPro, toss your Birdie (Make your camera fly) up into the sky and take your action photo skills to great new heights. Funded from an Indiegogo campaign, Birdie is a unique and affordable way to experience the beauty of aerial photography.
  • LED Oil diffuser on Amazon
    Innogear Oil Diffuser

    InnoGear LED Oil Diffuser

    InnoGear’s LED Oil diffuser diffuses oil into your home and looks sexy while doing it. It has 6 adjustable colors  to choose from, depending on your mood. You can time it for 1, 3 or 6 hours to ensure that you won’t forget to turn it off.  Unlike many aromatherapy diffusers out there, InnoGrear’s make no noise at all and creates the perfect zen ambiance in your space.
  • Br. Beer Cider Home Brewing Kit
    Br. Beer Cider Home Brewing Kit

    DIY Cider Brewing Kit

    Cider lovers, this DIY cider brewing kit is for you! This hard cider making kit comes with all the equipment and ingredients needed to made 8 bottles of cider from the comfort of your own home. The equipment is all reusable — simply purchase some Mr. Beer refills and you’re all set for another batch of homemade cider.
  • LED Cube Bluetooth Speaker
    LED Cube portable speaker

    Led Cube Portable Speaker

    The Elegiant bluetooth LED Cube Portable Speaker offers pretty decent quality sound for its price and size. It’s stylish, lights up as you jam and even talks to you. If you want a quality wireless sound experience at under $25, this magical little cube is for you.
  • Best BBQ Oven gloves
    BlueFire oven gloves

    Bluefire BBQ Gloves

    With a heat resistance of almost 1000°, you can literally put out a fire with these BBQ gloves. They’re also cut resistant, so if you’re as out of control on the cutting board as I am, these gloves are for you. They’re perfect for BBQing, tending the fire, cooking on a wood stove and putting out fires of course. If there’s one gift you should get the BBQ lover in your life, it’s these firefighter-grade BBQ gloves.
  • Funny Card Games - Punderdone
    Punderdome card game

    Punderdome – A Card Game for Pun Lovers

    Pundersome is a card game of bad jokes, puns and lots of them. It basically involves combining action and noun cards to create the best possible pun. If you’re known for your bad jokes, Pundersome is probably the game for you. But no matter the circumstances, you’ll be sure to have a pun time with this game. No pun intended ;)
  • winter cocktail ideas
    winter cocktails book

    Winter Cocktails Recipe Book

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    There is nothing better than a Hot Toddy after a cold Winter’s day. The Winter Cocktails recipe book contains 100 deliciously cozy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes, designed to keep you warm and cheerful throughout the holidays and beyond. If you plan on hosting some holiday get-togethers, Winter Cocktails will provide you a wealth of festive drink ideas for all ages.
  • men's christmas suit
    Rudolph christmas suit

    Rudolph Costume Suit

    Who ever said you can’t wear Christmas decorations? This sleek men’s Rudolph Costume Suit will let you dress up like the boss of Christmas this holiday season. It’s festive, stylish and surprisingly high-quality for a costume so you won’t be uncomfortable nor will you look too ridiculous.
  • 8-bit LED christmas wreath
    8-bit LED christmas wreath

    8-bit LED Christmas Wreath

    This 8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath is a geeky way to decorate for the holidays. The pixelated wreath is decorated with an old school game controller, tetris pieces, gold coins and other nostalgic items. Hang it up in your home for some retro Christmas vibes.
  • peppermint candy cane spoons
    candy cane spoons

    Candy Cane Spoons

    Just when we thought eating couldn’t get any more enjoyable, Edible Candy Cane Spoons came along! Eat your favorite dessert or stir your hot chocolate with these tasty peppermint spoons and devour them afterwards. They’re a great way to add some holiday flavor to your kitchen table during the holidays.
  • special delivery from santa costume
    special delivery from santa costume

    Special Delivery From Santa Costume

    Want to make a hilariously memorable entrance at holiday parties this season? Surprise the hell out of everyone with this Special Delivery From Santa Costume. Just don’t forget the gift. While the costume is designed for men, it can fit most women with an under 34-inch waist size.
  • gingerbread dog costume
    gingerbread dog costume

    Gingerbread Dog Costume

    Dress your dog up like a gingerbread man this holiday season with this gingerbread dog costume. Why? Mostly just to point and laugh at them but also because it will be incredibly cute. You might even want to take a bite. The gingerbread man dog costume comes in four sizes so whether you have a Yorkie or a Golden Retriever, you can transform your pup into a walking holiday dessert.
  • christmas poo pourri bathroom spray
    christmas poo pourri bathroom spray

    Christmas Poo Pourri Bathroom Spray

    This Christmas Poo Pourri bathroom spray lets you cover up foul bathroom odors this holiday season with the sweet and nostalgic aromas of cinnamon and vanilla. Simply spray your Poo Pourri inside the bowl before taking a doodoo and just like magic, your toilet bowl will smell better than Christmas. This is a fun and quirky holiday gift for a roommate or a stinky sibling!