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  • calm-the-fuck-down-adult-coloring-book

    Calm the Fuck Down – Adult Coloring Book

    This irrelevant Calm the Fuck Down Adult Coloring Book will help you calm to fuck down after a long day. All images provided are completely random – yet soothing — and are backed with fun and quirky quotes. Basically, stop taking life so seriously take your crayons out.
  • holy-bible-flask

    Holy Bible Flask

    No festival bag checker will ever guess what lies within your Holy Bible. This Holy Bible Flask is probably the most discreet and seemingly innocent way to hide your hard liquor. We can guarantee that lots of questions will be asked every time you whip this out of your pocket. It’s also a hilarious gag gift for someone religious. In fact, it’s even more hilarious for someone who’s agnostic.
  • led-cube-portable-speaker

    Led Cube Portable Speaker

    The Elegiant bluetooth LED Cube Portable Speaker offers pretty decent quality sound for its price and size. It’s stylish, lights up as you jam and even talks to you. If you want a quality wireless sound experience at under $25, this magical little cube is for you.
  • punderdome

    Punderdome – A Card Game for Pun Lovers

    Pundersome is a card game of bad jokes, puns and lots of them. It basically involves combining action and noun cards to create the best possible pun. If you’re known for your bad jokes, Pundersome is probably the game for you. But no matter the circumstances, you’ll be sure to have a pun time with this game. No pun intended ;)
  • winter cocktail ideas
    winter cocktails book

    Winter Cocktails Recipe Book

    There is nothing better than a Hot Toddy after a cold Winter’s day. The Winter Cocktails recipe book contains 100 deliciously cozy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes, designed to keep you warm and cheerful throughout the holidays and beyond. If you plan on hosting some holiday get-togethers, Winter Cocktails will provide you a wealth of festive drink ideas for all ages.
  • christmas poo pourri bathroom spray
    christmas poo pourri bathroom spray

    Christmas Poo Pourri Bathroom Spray

    This Christmas Poo Pourri bathroom spray lets you cover up foul bathroom odors this holiday season with the sweet and nostalgic aromas of cinnamon and vanilla. Simply spray your Poo Pourri inside the bowl before taking a doodoo and just like magic, your toilet bowl will smell better than Christmas. This is a fun and quirky holiday gift for a roommate or a stinky sibling!  
  • you get shit for christmas toilet paper
    you get shit for christmas toilet paper

    Funny Christmas Toilet Paper

    Ever wanted to give someone a piece of shit for Christmas? Well, this toilet paper is a much more sincere way of doing so. Not to mention, a bit more hygienic. Each sheet of toilet paper is printed with “You Get Sh*t for Christmas” and contains a hilarious image of Santa sitting on the chimney and smoking a cigar. Whether it’s an anonymous prank or a novelty holiday gift, someone’s in for a good laugh!
  • christmas reindeer men's g-string
    christmas reindeer men's g-string

    Sexy Christmas Men’s G-String

    Whether it’s a co-worker, lover, friend or a boss (maybe not a boss…), this Christmas-themed man thong is a hilariously awkward holiday gift. Depending on the circumstances involved, this sexy reindeer thong will either add some humor to your evening or some serious spark in the bedroom. We hope it’s the latter ;)
  • deer lord game
    deer lord card game

    DEER LORD! card game

    DEER LORD! is the perfect combination of strategy, sneaky trickery and hilarity. It basically involves doing things without getting caught and dueling other players based on the crazy Duel cards provided. It’s the kind of party game where you don’t actually have to follow rules — making it all-the-more fun and spontaneous. Unlike many party card games out there, DEER LORD! can be played with minors, making it the perfect game for holiday parties where family is present.
  • stocking wine dispenser
    wine dispensing stocking

    Wine Dispensing Stocking Flask

    This Wine Dispensing Stocking Flask is a festive way to enjoy the holidays with wine. Simply fill it up with 2.5 liters of your favorite wine, hang it within arms reach (or on the fireplace if you’re classy like that) and a jolly good time awaits. It will be a definite hit at your next party! A wine dispensing stocking is also a pretty quirky holiday gift for the wine lover in your life.
  • cardboard virtual reality goggles
    3D virtual reality cardboard glasses

    3D Rirtual Reality Cardboard Goggles

    Who would have thought something as basic as cardboard could create a 3D virtual reality experience. These cardboard virtual reality goggles are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to experience the magic of 3D virtual reality. The glasses are easy to assemble with provided instructions and can be disassembled just as easily for transporting. In terms of compatibility, Google 2.0 goggles fits all Android smartphones and iPhones. For under $10, you seriously cannot go wrong with this virtual reality headset. Just don’t forget to recycle when you’re done.  
  • how to traumatize your children book
    how to traumatize your children book amazon

    How to Traumatize Your Children Book

    How to Traumatize Your Children is a satire to modern-day parenting, describing common parenting styles and their dysfunctional effect on children later on. To make it all-the-more humorous, it’ll be hard not to fit one of the parenting profiles described  at least a little bit. For a future parent or a new parent, it’s highly informative to see what horrible effects various parenting styles will have on your kids later on. This book is definitely a hilarious gift for new parents.
  • flashing LED tie
    sound activated flashing LED tie

    Sound Activated Flashing LED Tie

    It’s impossible to not be noticed with this Sound Activated Flashing LED Tie. The LED lights on the tie flash in sync with the music playing, making it all-the-more awesome. Whether it’s for a rave, EDM music festival, New Year’s Eve celebration or a Halloween party, this original tie should fit the occasion. Also, with Halloween just around the corner, this tie is the perfect way to get away with not dressing up. Just throw it over a button-up shirt and let the flashing lights and music work its magic.
  • vintage world map flask
    vintage world map flask

    Vintage Word Map Flask

    Finally, a flask that speaks directly to the traveller in you. This World Map Flask is the perfect gift for a backpacker who likes to galavant with a stash of booze, or for yourself just because. Made of stainless steel, this flask is sure to evoke countless compliments from fellow travelers.
  • the polaroid book amazon
    the polaroid book amazon

    The Polaroid Book

    Ever wondered just how far you can take your polaroid photography skills? The Polaroid Book is an immense curation of polaroid images taken by hundreds of photographers around the world. It goes beyond the classic coffee table book to something inspiring, engaging and educating. You don’t have to be a photographer to appreciate the wonders of the book. After devouring all 350 pages of this book, you’ll probably want to buy some more film for your dust-collection polaroid camera.
  • diy-bubblegum-kit

    DIY Bubblegum Kit

    Bubble gum has to be the one consumable good that I’ve never considered making from scratch. Nonetheless, this DIY bubble gum kit contains everything you need to make half a pound of your own bubble gum. The kit comes with several ingredients and clear instructions to create the perfect chewing gum from scratch. It even includes wax paper to individually package your gum afterwards. You’ll just have to add your own food coloring of choice. This is a fun DIY kit for kids or adults, like myself, who enjoy hands-on activities and blowing huge bubbles.
  • obscene-fridge-magnets

    Obscene word magnets

    Nothing like a good laugh before reaching into the fridge for some milk to top your morning coffee. Famous for creating a wide variety of entertaining word magnets, Magnetic Poetry created The Little Box of Obscenities word magnet set for those with a foul sense of humor. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend buying this combination of word magnets for the family fridge. Obscene word magnets comprise of 72 foul and obscene terms, including some common and others less common but all the more intriguing. Coming in a cute little tin, these obscene magnets also make a great stocking stuffer for someone with a dirty mouth.
  • radioactive-elements-glowing-coasters

    Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters

    These Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters are perfect for parties or movie nights. When the lights are dimmed, no drinks will be lost or confused as each coaster glows with its own unique color and periodic element. Coasters are battery operated and only begin to glow when pressure is applied to the coaster. This is an awesome gift for a chemist or science lover.
  • nasty-things-game

    Nasty Things Game

    In line with the party game’s title, Nasty Things combines everything nasty, from sick humor to things you just wouldn’t normally say aloud. When combined with a few drinks, the Nasty Things game the potential to unveil the innermost craziest thoughts in even the most ‘prudest’ of your friends. The cool part about this adult party game is that the level of inappropriateness of the game really depends on the group playing – and perhaps the amount of alcohol involved.
  • The Complete Beer Course
    The Complete Beer Course-2

    The Complete Beer Course

    The Complete Beer Course is an entertaining beginner’s guide to beer that will help you move from a beer lover to a beer expert in 12 easy-to-follow courses on beer.  With so many craft beers to choose from nowadays, becoming a modern day beer expert goes beyond bar hopping and home brewing. This beer guide will help you discover the many different styles of beer that exist in addition to providing you with in-depth information on the beer aging process, the significance of hops, optimal beer and food pairing and the variety of craft breweries that exist throughout the world. Beautiful photography combined with useful information on beer make this beer guide book a great leisurely read. Or at the very least, an asset for your coffee table.
  • Funny Party photos Props Kit
    Fun Photo Shoot accessories

    Box 51 Photo Booth

    The Box 51 Photo Booth set provides all the props you need for an awesome party photoshoot. This fun party photo kit includes a whopping 24 cardboard props including bowties, absurd moustaches, geeky glasses, voluptuous fake lips and lots more fun items. Sticks with self-adhesive ends are provided so that items can be easily propped up when it’s time to party. The best of all, it even comes with a fancy looking frame that will add a professional touch to your party pics. Box 51 is a cool party accessory for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday parties, holiday celebrations and pretty much any other event where taking memorable and awesome looking photos are a good idea.
  • Fastest way to defrost your meat or frozen foods
    Fast Defrosting Tray

    Fast Defrosting Tray

    This is the kind of kitchen accessory that literally anyone with food in their freezer could benefit from. Let’s be real here, we’ve all experienced the frustruation of forgetting to defrost something the night before. With this defrosting tray, you’ll never have to spend more than half an hour thawing your meat or other frozen goodies (unless it’s an entire which case it might not fit on the tray). It’s made out of thermal conductive material so your food defrosts without even needing an electricity source. Not only does this awesome kitchen gadget save you time and energy, it also saves you from having to resort to using the microwave’s sketchy defrost setting.
  • Funny card games for parties
    Ibetchya party card games from Kickstarter

    IBETCHA: The ultimate party game

    Brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign, Ibetcha is a hilarious party game that combines two widely beloved party games: Cards Against Humanity and Never Have I Ever. Like most games for parties, Ibetcha gets a little raunchy at times, but the explicitness is balanced out by a mix of semi-explicit and completely non-explicit cards. The ultimate objective of the game is to guess what messed up things your friends have or haven’t done or what they’d be willing to do. Gameplay is pretty simple: each player puts down a Betchya Card that they think the Victim (the player whose turn it is) has done or would be willing to do. The Victim must then confess or deny each card that they’ve received. This is where it gets hilarious: the group of players must then shout which story should be revealed in further detail. The Victim then must tell that story in full detail. Whoever submitted the card that merited a story wins the number of points indicated on the card. The player that reaches 10 points first wins the game. Overall, this is a great party game for getting to know your friend’s dirty little secrets.
  • Time lapse Camera & Smartphone Accessory
    Time lapse Camera or Smartphone Mount

    Timelapse Camera Mount

    Veho’s Muvi X-Lapse timelapse camera mount lets you easily record smooth and stable 90° degree to 360° degree timelapse videos or take panoramic photos. Catering to the smartphone photographer, the Muvi X-Lapse comes equipped with a smartphone holder to allow for panoramic timelapse smartphone photography and app-integration. It’s compatible with DSLRs, action-cameras, and digital cameras weighing up to 750 grams. This is a cool camera accessory for an aspiring photographer.  
  • Vintage Camera Pillow case
    Retro Camera Pillow Case

    Vintage Camera Pillow Cover

    When it comes to decorating your home, the use of pillows as decor is often overlooked. In addition, stylish, decorative pillows are typically priced for the middle-aged homeowner. With this 18” by 18” retro camera pillow cover, you can transform even the ugliest pillow into a creative living room or bedroom vintage decor piece without breaking the bank. It’s also a cool gift for a retro camera lover.
  • What should I make for dinner cookbook
    What should I make for dinner cookbook

    What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner Cookbook

    No more wondering what the fuck you should make for dinner, this cookbook has your next 50 meal ideas planned. With simple yet delicious recipes for both vegetarians and meat lovers, this recipe book is great for the amateur cook who lacks inspiration or gets bored of cooking up the same meals on a weekly basis. Contrary to the majority of mouth-watering cookbooks, the recipes included are easy-to-follow and mostly don’t require an too many ingredients. To top things off, it’s written in a hilariously witty tongue, making every page engaging in a “I want that in my belly now” kind of way as well as in a “laughing my ass off” kind of way.
  • Urban Dictionary Card Game
    Urban Dictionary - Party Game of Slang

    Urban Dictionary: The Party Game of Slang

    The Urban Dictionary Card Game takes the funniest and most obscene words and expressions coined by the Urban Dictionary community and turns them into a hilarious Cards of Humanity-like card game, but with a twist. Gameplay is straightforward: players take turns responding to prompt cards using vocabulary curated from the Urban Dictionary website. Some cards must be acted out or sketched on the provided dry erase board. The designated judge must then decide which player’s word choice, drawing, or performance was the most inappropriately hilarious. The first player to win over the judge's sense of humor five times wins. The game comes equipped with 330 word cards, 81 prompt cards, a dry erase board and a marker.
  • Draft Beer Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly
    Draft Beer Jelly Belly - Jelly Beans

    Draft Beer Jelly Belly

    Planning on laying off the booze for the new year? These Draft Beer flavored jelly beans will give you both a hangover-free beer fix and a sugar fix. Jelly Belly is widely known for its realistically flavored jelly beans so you can rest assured that these little guys won’t deceive your sense. They’re also an original gift for a beer lover.
  • Thug Kitchen Cookbook - Healthy Recipes With Humor
    Thug Kitchen Cookbook - Healthy Recipes With Humor

    Thug Kitchen Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a Fuck

    For anyone wanting to break out of the unhealthy habit of eating processed junk on the daily, the Thug Kitchen cookbook is your go-to recipe book for crazy good and healthy meal ideas (and a good laugh). While recipe books could be intimidating to an inexperienced cook, Thug Kitchen uses foul language, humor, and a wickedly delicious combination of recipes to make you feel comfortable along the way to a healthier lifestyle.  
  • Poop Card Game - Party Pooper Edition
    Poop Funny Card Game

    Poop: The Card Game

    Despite its name, POOP is everything but a poopy card game. POOP can be be enjoyed as an UNO-like card game (but better) for all ages or as a fun drinking game for adults. The ultimate goal of the game is pretty straightforward: poop in the toilet, but don’t clog it. You lose when you run out of poop (cards).
  • Gin Tonic Carry on Cocktail Kit
    Carry On Gin Tonic kit

    Gin & Tonic – Portable Cocktail Kit

    This mini portable cocktail kit is awesome for making yummy mess-free gin and tonic drinks on-the-go. It’s great for any gin and tonic lover wanting to add a good dose of entertainment to a long flight. It’s also an awesome gift for a traveller who likes to get their drink on mid-flight, especially if you pair it with a mini bottle or flask of gin.
  • Toilet Night Light
    Toilet Night Light

    Toilet Night Light (Motion Activated)

    A previous Kickstarter success, the IllumiBowl toilet night light is all you need for non-awakening midnight trip to the bathroom. Instead of turning the lights on or stumbling over objects in the dark, the IllumiBowl will unobtrusively light your way. It’s battery-operated and has motion detectors so it’ll only light up when it senses motion. With 8 different colors to choose from, you’ll never get bored on the toilet again.
  • Mona Lisa Smoking a Joint Poster
    Mona Lisa Smoking a Joint Poster

    Mona Lisa Smoking a Joint Poster

    This 24” by 36” poster of Mona Lisa smoking a joint is an epic stoner rendition of the classic Mona Lisa painting. The fact that she looks barely any different in this poster than in the original da Vinci art piece makes us question her sobriety. At a glance, your guests might not even notice the joint in her hand, which makes it all the more entertaining.
  • Scratch and Sniff Wine Guide
    Scratch and Sniff Wine Book - Wine Guide For Beginner's

    The Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

    This is probably the healthiest way to discover 16 different wine aromas in one sitting. That is, if you don’t find yourself licking the pages as well. Unlike most wine guide books, The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert (that was a mouthful) cuts to the chase and provides a straightforward and hands-on introduction into the world of wine. It’s also a cool gift for an amateur wine connoisseur.
  • star wars lightsaber pizza cutter
    star wars lightsaber pizza cutter

    R2-D2 Star Wars Pizza Cutter With Sound Effects

    This Star Wars R2D2 pizza cutter will slice your pizza like a astromech droid while subtly saving the galaxy. To add to your adrenaline rushf, it’ll also make robot sounds while doing it. It’s an awesomely geeky gift for a pizza loving Star Wars fan.
  • We Didn't Playtest This Either Cards & Dice Game
    We Didn't Playtest This Either Game

    We Didn’t Playtest This Either

    Once again, if you enjoy the silly, the random, the chaotic, and party games, you will fully enjoy this game. While it’s technically a whole new game, it’s also an extension to their previous game We Didn’t Playtest This At All. If you’re looking for an entertaining party game for a large group of people, We Didn’t Playtest This Either is your go-to.  
  • Zippo Hand Warmer Lighter
    Zippo Hand Warmer Lighter

    Zippo Hand Warmer Lighter

    Say adios to cold hands this Winter. The Zippo Hand Warmer will have your hands feeling warm and toasty in even the coldest temperatures. The 6 hour version offers more than enough heat for the average victim of Winter, but for someone who takes outdoor winter activities to the next level, there’s a 12 hour version to accommodate. And btw, our price is for the 12 hour version.
  • LED Flashing Glowing earbuds
    LED Glow-in-the-dark earphones

    Glow-in-the-dark Earphone LED

    If the thought of listening to music through bright, glowing earphones excites you, then these LED earphones are for you! Not only do they light up, but they light up in synch with whatever song you’re listening to. Wear these bad boys to a silent rave and you’ll be the light of the party. There’s an on and off switch so that you can turn the lights off when the lighting situation isn’t optimal, because of course there would be no other reason to turn those lights off.
  • We Didn't Playtest This at All Game
    We Didn't Playtest This at All Card Game

    We Didn’t Playtest This at All

    If you’re a fan of silliness, randomness, chaos, and awesome party games, We Didn’t Playtest This At All will knock your socks off. Each game lasts between thirty seconds and five minutes (literally), making it the perfect game for anyone with a low attention span, or anyone under the influence for that matter. While each game is short, in most cases you’ll end up playing non-stop for hours.
  • 100 Deadly Skills Book - SEAL Operative's Survival Guide
    100 Deadly Skills Survival Guidebook Back Cover

    100 Deadly Skills – Survival Guide Book

    In wake of recent tragedies worldwide, 100 Deadly Skills is a must-have survival guidebook for anyone old enough to read. Its comprehensive instructions, disclosed by a retired U.S. navy SEAL, will make you a master of modern-day survival, while also opening your eyes to many unexpected sources of danger.
  • Stay Weird - Inspirational Wall Art / Decor
    Stay Weird - Inspirational Wall Art / Decor

    Stay Weird – Wall Art Print

    This limited edition, inspirational Stay Weird wall art print will help you keep it real in times of need. It’s a pretty self-explanatory artwork with a beautiful message: be weird and stay weird, forever. It’s also an original gift for your favorite weird person.
  • Legless Corkscrew Pirate Bottle Opener
    Legless Pirate Bottle Opener & Wine Corkscrew

    Legless Pirate Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

    This stainless steel pirate bottle opener and corkscrew will open your bottle and then carry on with its daily life as a peg-legged pirate. Even when you’re not into the wine (or the bottled substance of your choice), this cute little pirate is an entertaining kitchen accessory to have around. It’s also a cool gift for a beer or wine lover. Or for a pirate lover.
  • Molotov Guy with Flowers Wall Sticker - Banksy
    Molotov Guy with Flowers Wall Sticker - Banksy

    Banksy Molotov Guy with Flowers Wall Sticker

    This Banksy-inspired Molotov Guy With Flowers wall sticker is a cool and easy way to add a decorative touch to your home without damaging your walls. Made from high quality materials, this 24" by 24" wall decal will easily adhere to your walls while adding a splash of color and personality to your space.
  • Sriracha keychains (2 pack) - Sriracha2Go
    Sriracha Keychain Combo Pack - Sriracha2go

    Sriracha 2 Go Keychain Combo Pack

    We all know everyone loves Sriracha and that is why everyone will love this Sriracha2Go combo pack. Since this chili sauce goes on everything, simply fill this small bottles, clip it to your keychain and enjoy this spicy sriracha everytime you’ll be eating out. Admit it, it's the perfect gift for your Sriracha lover friend. 

  • Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook - Gifts For Stoners
    Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook for Stoners

    Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned Notebook

    Let’s face it, sometimes it takes the adult mind some paraphernalia to take itself to a creative place. But when it finds that creative place, unthinkable ideas merge together to form brilliant ones. Basically, this notebook is a place to jot down all those brilliant ideas you had while stoned. It's an affordable and cool gift idea for a stoner.
  • Rainfall Shower Head
    Rainfall Shower head - Cool Shower Accessories

    Rainfall Shower head with Waterfall Mode

    AquaDance’s luxurious easy-to-install shower head will have you feeling like you’re showering in a tropical rain forest everyday. The Drencher has three cool settings to choose from: cascading waterfall, drenching rainfall, or a mix of both. The waterfall setting will transform your shower into a relaxation sanctuary.
  • Death Wish - World's Strongest Coffee
    Death Wish - Strongest Coffee in The World

    The World’s Strongest Coffee

    Take productivity and alertness to the next level with the World’s strongest coffee. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or waking up at an ungodly hour, a few sips of this powerful coffee will have you feeling like a ball of fire. Everyone (especially your co-workers) will be jealous of your inhumane energy levels.
  • Drunk Stoned or Stupid - Fun Party Game
    Drunk Stoned or Stupid - Fun Party Card Game


    A past Kickstarter success, Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is a hilarious party game that involves matching players with entertaining and often ridiculously random descriptions. It’s an ideal card game for playing with close friends since your victory will ultimately depend on how well you know the other players in the game. It’s a definite fun way to discover new, surprising things about the humans in your life.
  • Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Soap
    Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Soap

    Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Liquid Hand Soap

    Maybe you touched your genitals, maybe you didn’t. It’s always an awkward subject to bring up so let this liquid hand soap do the talking. Quirky bathroom decor is hilarious since it tends to be discovered by your guests at completely unexpected moments. Having said that, the best part about BlueQ’s genital soap will be your friends’ reactions after they use your bathroom. It’s also a funny gag gift for a germaphobe.  
  • Vinyl Record Placemats - Retro Kitchen
    Vinyl Record Placemats - Cool Kitchen Accessories

    Gamago Vinyl Record Placemats

    Express your undivided love for music in the kitchen with these awesome retro record placemats. They’re a creative alternative to traditional LP wall decor, and since they’re made of silicone instead of vinyl, you can even throw ‘em in the dishwasher after a messy meal.
  • exploding kittens nsfw card game
    Exploding Kitten NSFW Edition Card Game

    Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition

    Famous for being the most successful Kickstarter project of all time, Exploding Kittens’ NSFW edition is amongst the most hilarious games to date. With its easy-to-follow instructions, it’s perfect for engaging those with even the lowest attention span, but despite its quirkiness and simplicity, there is some strategy involved.
  • Aukley Clip On Phone Camera Lens Kit
    Aukley Clip On Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

    Aukey 3-in-1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

    Leave your DSLR at home and travel light, the coolest tablet and smartphone camera accessory is now at your disposal! This smartphone lens kit trio comes with a fisheye, a macro for up close and personal shots, and a wide angle to photograph huge spaces and sceneries. Pair it with a mini smartphone tripod and you’re all set.
  • Polaroid Toilet Paper Roll Holder With Polaroid Film Refill
    Polaroll Polaroid Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder

    Polaroid Toilet Paper Dispenser

    Stylish and quirky bathroom decor is hard to come by, so when we landed on this retro polaroid toilet paper dispenser it was love at first sight. Just hearing your friends giggle in the bathroom when they see it will make it worth the buy. It also comes with a roll of polaroid film toilet paper that you’ll be disappointed to run out of.
  • Pink Floyd Zippo Lighter
    Pink Floyd Zippo Lighter

    Black Prism Rainbow Zippo Lighter

    This good quality Zippo lighter with a black prism rainbow is a beautiful Pink Floyd reference, showing the colors of their album The Dark Side of the Moon. The white light being dispersed through a prism into a rainbow of colors will surely impress all your Zippo lover friends.  
  • Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs - Beginner's Guide To Photography
    Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs Book - Beginner's Guide To Photography

    Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs Book

    Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs is probably the best comprehensive beginner's guide to photography. Written in a straightforward non-techie language, it’s one of the rare photography tutorials that won’t leave you questioning terms like “chromatic aberration”. Anyone who feels as though they’re not using their DSLR camera to its maximum potential should take the time to read this book.
  • Portable Phone Charger With Built in LED Flash Light
    Portable Phone Charger Power Bank With LED Flashlight

    Mini Portable Power Bank With LED Flashlight

    Whether you’re travelling or on-the-go all day, this mini portable power bank charger will definitely come in handy. It’s compatible with virtually any smartphone and conveniently doubles as a flashlight, making it a wonderful camping accessory. It's a cool under $20 gift idea for a traveller or a forgetful someone.
  • Glass Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game Set
    Glass Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game Set

    Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game With Mini Beer Mugs

    Since everyone and their Mom knows how to play tic-tac-toe, this is the no brainer of drinking games. It’s made of surprisingly durable glass and is easily hand washable - since we all know drinking games can escalate quickly. The mini beer mug glasses are also adorable on their own. 
  • Giant Ice Cube Silicone Tray
    Make Giant Ice Cubes

    2 Inch Giant Ice Cube Silicone Tray

    Nothing more disappointing than a diluted drink. With this giant ice cube tray, your drinks will stay cold and flavorful significantly longer than with those generic ice cubes - not to mention they’ll also look awesome. Ideal for whiskey and cocktails.
  • Do One Things Every Day That Scares You - Inspirational Book
    Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You Book

    Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You Book

    This book is truly inspiring and a motivational masterpiece. It provides beautiful words of encouragement for breaking you out of your comfort zone. Asides from being a potentially life changing bi-weekly read, it’s the perfect ageless birthday gift (or New Year’s gift) for anyone needing to be broken out of their shell.
  • Buy Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend
    Buy Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend

    Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend

    Enjoy a much-needed blast to the past with this adorable Tamagotchi. While anyone in close proximity will probably hate you, you’ll be too caught up in a world of dreamy childhood games Gotchi points to care.
  • Flask with collapsible shot glass - Set
    Drinking Flask with Collapsible Shot Glass + Funnel & Money Clip

    Stainless Steel Flask Set with Funnel & Money Clip

    This awesome Stainless Steel flask set comes with just about everything you need for mess-free drinking on the go. The best part is probably the collapsible shot glass that fits right into the side of the flask. The money clip might even save you from financial losses on those drunken nights you can’t remember.
  • Thumbs Up Melting Clock
    Melting Clock - Salvador Dali inspired decor

    Thumbs Up! Melting Clock

    Your guests are bound to stop in their footsteps when they lay their eyes on this Salvador Dali inspired melting clock. It’s surprisingly stable, battery operated, and actually tells the time with precision. An original gift idea for just about anyone with a free slot on their bookshelf.
  • Humans of New York - Brandon Stanton
    Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton - Back Cover

    Humans of New York Book

    Humans of New York will make you laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time. The bestseller has been praised for its beautiful photography and for its uplifting nature. It’s really the kind of book that you get emotionally and physically attached to.  
  • giant wine bottle glass
    Wine Bottle Glass - Cool Gift For a Wine Lover

    BigMouth – Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

    You’ll never lose your glass again with this 750ml wine bottle glass. You’ll also never have to refill it again (depending on your tolerance of course). Most of all, it’s a hilariously thoughtful gift for an avid wine drinker, or yourself.
  • Mason Jar Shot Glasses
    Mason Jar Shot Glass Set

    The Slinger Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Lids

    Your go-to for the ultimate mess-free jello shots, these adorable mini mason jar shot glasses will be a definite hit at your next party. They’d also make a pretty sweet gift for that mason jar loving hipster friend of yours. Pre-fill them with their favorite booze and you’re all set. Comes in a set of 5.