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Cool kitchen accessories on Amazon

  • Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

    Nostalia’s Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker lets you easily make your own delicious ice cream or sorbet from the comfort of your home. The DIY ice cream it produces is apparently even better than store-bought ice cream. How unfathomable is that?! Depending on the type of ice cream-aholic you are, you can choose amongst vegan ice cream, sorbet, or regular old fashioned ice cream recipes. It’s designed like a vintage ice cream maker, making it all the more awesome.
  • Gourmet Bacon Jam

    TBJ Gourmet’s Bacon Jam is an easy and delicious way to incorporate more bacon goodness into your life. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet with a hint of caramelized onion. Add it to your burgers, sandwiches and just about anything edible. Bacon Jam is a delectable gift for a bacon lover.
  • The Coldest Water Bottle

    There is nothing more unsatisfying than sipping hot water at the beach or after a long sweaty run. The Coldest Water Bottle will literally keep your water (or other beverage) cold for three days straight without ice or a fridge. Made of Premium Grade stainless steel and weighing 0.33 kg, this bottle is significantly lightweight weight compared to other hydro bottles out there that claim similar things. The bottle also floats so you can even take it into the water with you.
  • Best BBQ Oven gloves
    BlueFire oven gloves

    Bluefire BBQ Gloves

    With a heat resistance of almost 1000°, you can literally put out a fire with these BBQ gloves. They’re also cut resistant, so if you’re as out of control on the cutting board as I am, these gloves are for you. They’re perfect for BBQing, tending the fire, cooking on a wood stove and putting out fires of course. If there’s one gift you should get the BBQ lover in your life, it’s these firefighter-grade BBQ gloves.
  • portable espresso maker
    minipresso espresso maker

    MiniPresso Espresso Maker

    The MiniPresso Espresso Maker is the smallest portable espresso maker on the market. It’s completely hand-operated, so you won’t have to rely on electricity or batteries — meaning you can make espresso anywhere with some water and espresso grains. It’s highly useful espresso maker for camping trips or road trips, making significantly higher quality espresso than instant coffee for an equally affordable price. The MiniPresso is a single-shot espresso maker, so if you’re more of a double kind of person, you’ll have to purchase an extended reservoir. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a cool gift idea for an avid espresso drinker.
  • Baseball bat wine opener
    Baseball bat electric wine opener

    Baseball Bat Electric Bottle Opener

    While sports and wine don’t typically go hand in hand, this baseball bat wine bottle opener is the perfect gift for a sports or baseball fan who’s also a wine enthusiast. Best of all, it’s electric so opening a bottle of wine will involve minimal effort, allowing you to keep your eyes on the game. Choose from the San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and more.
  • Fastest way to defrost your meat or frozen foods
    Fast Defrosting Tray

    Fast Defrosting Tray

    This is the kind of kitchen accessory that literally anyone with food in their freezer could benefit from. Let’s be real here, we’ve all experienced the frustruation of forgetting to defrost something the night before. With this defrosting tray, you’ll never have to spend more than half an hour thawing your meat or other frozen goodies (unless it’s an entire which case it might not fit on the tray). It’s made out of thermal conductive material so your food defrosts without even needing an electricity source. Not only does this awesome kitchen gadget save you time and energy, it also saves you from having to resort to using the microwave’s sketchy defrost setting.
  • Chemist's Test Tube Spice Rack
    Periodic Table of Spices and Herbs

    Chemist’s Spice Rack

    For some reason, laboratory equipment tends to look much cooler in the kitchen than it does in a chemistry lab and this Chemist's Spice Rack is a perfect example of that. Made of wood and glass, the spice rack fits five spice-filled test tubes and comes with a periodic table containing 36 reusable labels for your spices or herbs (example: Rm = rosemary and Gr = ginger). Each test tube is sealed airtight with a green silicone stopper to preserve spices’ freshness and flavour. There are lots of cool and decorative ways to display your spices in the kitchen and this has to be amongst our favorites.
  • What should I make for dinner cookbook
    What should I make for dinner cookbook

    What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner Cookbook

    No more wondering what the fuck you should make for dinner, this cookbook has your next 50 meal ideas planned. With simple yet delicious recipes for both vegetarians and meat lovers, this recipe book is great for the amateur cook who lacks inspiration or gets bored of cooking up the same meals on a weekly basis. Contrary to the majority of mouth-watering cookbooks, the recipes included are easy-to-follow and mostly don’t require an too many ingredients. To top things off, it’s written in a hilariously witty tongue, making every page engaging in a “I want that in my belly now” kind of way as well as in a “laughing my ass off” kind of way.
  • Draft Beer Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly
    Draft Beer Jelly Belly - Jelly Beans

    Draft Beer Jelly Belly

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    Planning on laying off the booze for the new year? These Draft Beer flavored jelly beans will give you both a hangover-free beer fix and a sugar fix. Jelly Belly is widely known for its realistically flavored jelly beans so you can rest assured that these little guys won’t deceive your sense. They’re also an original gift for a beer lover.
  • Thug Kitchen Cookbook - Healthy Recipes With Humor
    Thug Kitchen Cookbook - Healthy Recipes With Humor

    Thug Kitchen Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a Fuck

    For anyone wanting to break out of the unhealthy habit of eating processed junk on the daily, the Thug Kitchen cookbook is your go-to recipe book for crazy good and healthy meal ideas (and a good laugh). While recipe books could be intimidating to an inexperienced cook, Thug Kitchen uses foul language, humor, and a wickedly delicious combination of recipes to make you feel comfortable along the way to a healthier lifestyle.  
  • Best Bluetooth kitchen speaker with Spotify
    Bluetooth speaker for kitchen

    Triby – Bluetooth Speaker For Kitchen

    There’s nothing worse than when the phone rings from across the kitchen and you’re shoulder deep into dishes. Triby is your go-to portable bluetooth speaker for the kitchen. You can make calls, answer calls, and listen to music without having to worry about drying or cleaning your hands. Triby also has WiFi so you can make hands-free calls to anyone who has the Triby iOS app. Using the app, you can write cute notes or draw pictures that will be displayed on Triby in real time.
  • star wars lightsaber pizza cutter
    star wars lightsaber pizza cutter

    R2-D2 Star Wars Pizza Cutter With Sound Effects

    This Star Wars R2D2 pizza cutter will slice your pizza like a astromech droid while subtly saving the galaxy. To add to your adrenaline rushf, it’ll also make robot sounds while doing it. It’s an awesomely geeky gift for a pizza loving Star Wars fan.
  • Keurig Kold - Make Your Own Cold Drinks
    Keurig Kold 2.0 Drink Maker

    Keurig KOLD Drinkmaker

    The Keurig KOLD Drinkmaker will make you a cold and fizzy drink at your command. They’ve partnered with several beverage manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, to provide you with about 12 different flavor pods to choose from. If you’re not big on the soda, there are several non-carbonated pods to choose from as well.
  • Freezerboy Game Boy Fridge Magnets
    Freezerboy GameBoy Fridge Magnets

    Gameboy Refrigerator Magnets

    The gameboy magnet set will transform your fridge into a giant gameboy. To make things even more entertaining for you, the magnets are dry-erase marker friendly, meaning you can jot down your to-do lists on a giant gameboy. This is an awesome way to add some retro flavor to your kitchen and you can ever use the magnets on your other appliances. 
  • Legless Corkscrew Pirate Bottle Opener
    Legless Pirate Bottle Opener & Wine Corkscrew

    Legless Pirate Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

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    This stainless steel pirate bottle opener and corkscrew will open your bottle and then carry on with its daily life as a peg-legged pirate. Even when you’re not into the wine (or the bottled substance of your choice), this cute little pirate is an entertaining kitchen accessory to have around. It’s also a cool gift for a beer or wine lover. Or for a pirate lover.
  • Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine
    Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine

    Handpresso Wild Portable Espresso Machine

    This practical and portable espresso machine will help you get you your shot of caffeine wherever you are. Simply add some boiling water and any E.S.E Pod and your espresso is ready to warm you up. This machine pumps to 15 bars of pressure and can also make delicious cappuccinos, americanos and lattes.
  • Sriracha keychains (2 pack) - Sriracha2Go
    Sriracha Keychain Combo Pack - Sriracha2go

    Sriracha 2 Go Keychain Combo Pack


    We all know everyone loves Sriracha and that is why everyone will love this Sriracha2Go combo pack. Since this chili sauce goes on everything, simply fill this small bottles, clip it to your keychain and enjoy this spicy sriracha everytime you’ll be eating out. Admit it, it's the perfect gift for your Sriracha lover friend. 

  • Death Wish - World's Strongest Coffee
    Death Wish - Strongest Coffee in The World

    The World’s Strongest Coffee

    Take productivity and alertness to the next level with the World’s strongest coffee. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or waking up at an ungodly hour, a few sips of this powerful coffee will have you feeling like a ball of fire. Everyone (especially your co-workers) will be jealous of your inhumane energy levels.
  • Vinyl Record Placemats - Retro Kitchen
    Vinyl Record Placemats - Cool Kitchen Accessories

    Gamago Vinyl Record Placemats

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    Express your undivided love for music in the kitchen with these awesome retro record placemats. They’re a creative alternative to traditional LP wall decor, and since they’re made of silicone instead of vinyl, you can even throw ‘em in the dishwasher after a messy meal.
  • DIY Bubble Tea kit
    DIY Bubble Tea Kit

    The Ultimate DIY Bubble Tea Kit

    There’s nothing more satisfying than making a drink at home for one fifth of the price you’d pay at the mall. This bubble tea kit includes everything you need for delicious DIY bubble tea. If you’re looking for original party snack ideas, set up a bubble tea station and watch your guests flock over like Canadian geese.
  • Capresso FrothPro - Best Milk Frother
    Capresso FrothPro - Automatic Milk Frother

    Capresso Frothpro frothy cappuccinos

    We’re oh-so quick at ordering a cappuccino at a café, but when it comes to making them at home, that god forsaken frosh tends to be everyone’s discouragement. Make frothy cappuccinos and hot chocolates at home like a pro using this super cool steamed milk and froth maker. Since you can choose between hot, medium, and cold, you can even make delicious frosh for your iced cappuccinos! !
  • Tipsy Wine Glasses - Gift for a Wine Lover
    Tipsy Wine Glasses - Gift for a Wine Lover

    Tipsy Wine Glasses (set of 2)

    It’s not everyday that your wine glasses get tipsy before you. These hilarious slanted tipsy wine glasses are a definite conversation-starter and just looking at them will have you questioning your alcohol level. They’re also a unique gift for a wine connoisseur.
  • Cuizen Pizza Box Oven
    Cuizen Pizza Box Oven

    CuiZen Pizza Box Oven

    This quirky pizza box oven is convenient on so many levels. Not only does the CuiZen cook your pizza faster, it also doesn’t have to be pre-heated, which means you can spontaneously cook a pizza anywhere in your home. Apart from being a handy camping accessory, it’s also a fun gift idea for a pizzaholic.
  • Giant Ice Cube Silicone Tray
    Make Giant Ice Cubes

    2 Inch Giant Ice Cube Silicone Tray

    Nothing more disappointing than a diluted drink. With this giant ice cube tray, your drinks will stay cold and flavorful significantly longer than with those generic ice cubes - not to mention they’ll also look awesome. Ideal for whiskey and cocktails.
  • Kikkerland Ora Teapot - Cool Kitchen Accessories
    Kikkerland Ora Teapot - Cool Kitchen Accessories

    Kikkerland Ora Glass Teapot

    Serve your most delectable tea from this modern and original teapot with infuser. It’s double glass wall keeps the heat in the pot and away from your hands. A wonderful gift idea for the designated tea lover in your life.
  • Diamond Glasses
    Diamond Glass Set For Whiskey Lovers

    Thumbs Up Diamond Shaped Glasses

    Impress your dinner guests with these classy diamond shaped glasses. With their angled design, twirl your drink around and indulge in its enhanced flavor while sippin' it like a pro. Nothing fancier than sippin’ whiskey from a diamond. They’re a great gift for whiskey-loving parents!