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Fun board games & adult party games on Amazon

  • Pick Your Poison Party Game

    Pick Your Poison is a simple but fun adult party game whereby players must decide amongst terrible “Would you rather…” scenarios. Poison cards get combined in order to create the worst scenarios possible. Players must then anonymously choose their ideal (or least terrible) scenario. Pick Your Poison is a hilarious way to get to know your friends while having a blast.
  • Shit Happens Party Game

    Shit Happens is an easy to play and hilarious adult party game. Unlike lots of party card games out there, it comes with a whopping set of 300 cards so the game will go on for a while. Each card hilariously illustrates a shitty situation. Players must then rank these shitty situations on the “Misery Index”, which ranges from 1 to 100. Each shitty situation has been evaluated by a panel of experts (including social workers). If a player correctly guesses where that situation belongs on the misery index, they win the card. Overall, Shit Happens takes an original twist on most adult party games out there.
  • WTF did you say? card game

    WTF did you say? is a hilarious card game for anyone with a sick sense of humor. Like most party card games, it basically involves combining the most hilarious cards (at random) to formulate an even more hilarious sentence that must be read outloud. We can guarantee that by the end of the game you will be questioning your morals and dignity as well as that of your friends. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to Cards Against Humanity, WTF did you say? is a great option.
  • Funny Card Games - Punderdone
    Punderdome card game

    Punderdome – A Card Game for Pun Lovers

    Pundersome is a card game of bad jokes, puns and lots of them. It basically involves combining action and noun cards to create the best possible pun. If you’re known for your bad jokes, Pundersome is probably the game for you. But no matter the circumstances, you’ll be sure to have a pun time with this game. No pun intended ;)
  • deer lord game
    deer lord card game

    DEER LORD! card game

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    DEER LORD! is the perfect combination of strategy, sneaky trickery and hilarity. It basically involves doing things without getting caught and dueling other players based on the crazy Duel cards provided. It’s the kind of party game where you don’t actually have to follow rules — making it all-the-more fun and spontaneous. Unlike many party card games out there, DEER LORD! can be played with minors, making it the perfect game for holiday parties where family is present.
  • game of thrones clue
    CLUE game of thrones edition

    CLUE Game of Thrones Edition Game

    CLUE Game of Thrones Edition is a fun strategic board game for Game of Thrones fans or anyone who enjoys solving murder mysteries. It’s the kind of board game that players will become deeply entrenched in — especially GOT fans. It’s double-sided, so you can solve mysteries in either the Red Keep or in Meereen, adding some variety to the game. The game comes with six custom weapons and six custom movers.
  • Nasty Things adult card game
    Nasty Things card game

    Nasty Things Game

    In line with the party game’s title, Nasty Things combines everything nasty, from sick humor to things you just wouldn’t normally say aloud. When combined with a few drinks, the Nasty Things game the potential to unveil the innermost craziest thoughts in even the most ‘prudest’ of your friends. The cool part about this adult party game is that the level of inappropriateness of the game really depends on the group playing – and perhaps the amount of alcohol involved.
  • Funny card games for parties
    Ibetchya party card games from Kickstarter

    IBETCHA: The ultimate party game

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    Brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign, Ibetcha is a hilarious party game that combines two widely beloved party games: Cards Against Humanity and Never Have I Ever. Like most games for parties, Ibetcha gets a little raunchy at times, but the explicitness is balanced out by a mix of semi-explicit and completely non-explicit cards. The ultimate objective of the game is to guess what messed up things your friends have or haven’t done or what they’d be willing to do. Gameplay is pretty simple: each player puts down a Betchya Card that they think the Victim (the player whose turn it is) has done or would be willing to do. The Victim must then confess or deny each card that they’ve received. This is where it gets hilarious: the group of players must then shout which story should be revealed in further detail. The Victim then must tell that story in full detail. Whoever submitted the card that merited a story wins the number of points indicated on the card. The player that reaches 10 points first wins the game. Overall, this is a great party game for getting to know your friend’s dirty little secrets.
  • Disturbed Friends - Funny Party Games
    Disturbed Friends Card Game - Cool Party Games on Amazon

    Disturbed Friends – A Party Game That Should be Banned

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    The self-acclaimed worst game ever made, Disturbed Friends might be the only party game out there that lets you discover how sick in the head your friends think you are (or how sick THEY are). Gameplay is quite simple, players take turns asking a variety of disturbing and enjoyably offensive multiple choice questions regarding what they would do in a given situation. To make things as ridiculous as possible, the answer choices provided are even more outrageous. Opponents must then individually decide which of the three answers provided would the player be most likely to choose. Whoever chooses the right answer receives a #winning card and by the end of the game, the player with the most #winning cards wins. The game includes 250 disturbing question cards and 100 even more disturbing #winning cards. Asides from being outright nasty at times, Disturbed Friends is a hilarious party game that must be played at least once in a lifetime. If it’s somehow not twisted enough for your standards, the banned Suicide Deck expansion pack is probably what you’re looking for.
  • Urban Dictionary Card Game
    Urban Dictionary - Party Game of Slang

    Urban Dictionary: The Party Game of Slang

    The Urban Dictionary Card Game takes the funniest and most obscene words and expressions coined by the Urban Dictionary community and turns them into a hilarious Cards of Humanity-like card game, but with a twist. Gameplay is straightforward: players take turns responding to prompt cards using vocabulary curated from the Urban Dictionary website. Some cards must be acted out or sketched on the provided dry erase board. The designated judge must then decide which player’s word choice, drawing, or performance was the most inappropriately hilarious. The first player to win over the judge's sense of humor five times wins. The game comes equipped with 330 word cards, 81 prompt cards, a dry erase board and a marker.
  • TableTopics - Dinner Conversation Questions
    TableTopics - Dinner Conversation Starters

    TableTopics – Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party

    TableTopics is a fun way to spice up the conversations at your next dinner party. Since we all know dinner conversations can get a bit repetitive, these cards will have you discovering your guests’ most unexpected life experiences and opinions. It comes with 126 well diversified questions; including explicit questions, general and easy-to-answer questions, and more thought-provoking questions. While some cards might be more tamed than others, the combination of cards ensures a wealth of engaging conversation topics for almost any group of people.
  • Poop Card Game - Party Pooper Edition
    Poop Funny Card Game

    Poop: The Card Game

    Despite its name, POOP is everything but a poopy card game. POOP can be be enjoyed as an UNO-like card game (but better) for all ages or as a fun drinking game for adults. The ultimate goal of the game is pretty straightforward: poop in the toilet, but don’t clog it. You lose when you run out of poop (cards).
  • Portable sega genesis game player
    Sega Genesis Portable Game Player

    Portable Sega Genesis Game

    This portable SEGA Genesis game player is sure to evoke some nostalgia. It comes with an awesome collection of classic 16-bit games, including 40 top-favorite Genesis games and 40 more generic games that even your Mom will enjoy. There’s an SD slot so you can also download your own games. This is a cool travel accessory for a gamer.
  • Star Wars Risk Black Edition Board Game
    Star Wars Risk Black Edition Board Game

    Star Wars Risk Black Edition

    If you’ve ever dreamed of conquering the Death Star, now is your chance. However, if destroying a fleet of Rebels is more your style, you’re also in luck. The Star Wars Risk Black Edition board game lets you team up and recreate the Battle of Endor Risk-style. This is an awesome gift for a board-game-loving Star Wars fan
  • We Didn't Playtest This Either Cards & Dice Game
    We Didn't Playtest This Either Game

    We Didn’t Playtest This Either

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    Once again, if you enjoy the silly, the random, the chaotic, and party games, you will fully enjoy this game. While it’s technically a whole new game, it’s also an extension to their previous game We Didn’t Playtest This At All. If you’re looking for an entertaining party game for a large group of people, We Didn’t Playtest This Either is your go-to.  
  • We Didn't Playtest This at All Game
    We Didn't Playtest This at All Card Game

    We Didn’t Playtest This at All

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    If you’re a fan of silliness, randomness, chaos, and awesome party games, We Didn’t Playtest This At All will knock your socks off. Each game lasts between thirty seconds and five minutes (literally), making it the perfect game for anyone with a low attention span, or anyone under the influence for that matter. While each game is short, in most cases you’ll end up playing non-stop for hours.
  • The Voting Game - Funny Card Game
    The Voting Game - Card Game

    The Voting Game – The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

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    Get to better know your friends with The Voting Game, a party game that helps you discover some hilarious truth you wouldn’t suspect about your friends. You pick a card with a question (ex: who would survive a zombie apocalypse?) and players vote anonymously for the player who would fit in the description. Simple and fun!
  • Maxam 3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set
    Maxam 3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set

    3-in-1 Shot Glass Chess Set

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    Strategy and alcohol consumption typically don’t go hand-in-hand, but this shot glass chess set is wonderful for a drunken game of chess. It’s a great 2-player drinking game for chess lovers (or a mature set of adults), however, it might take you the entire night to finish the game.  
  • Drunk Stoned or Stupid - Fun Party Game
    Drunk Stoned or Stupid - Fun Party Card Game


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    A past Kickstarter success, Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is a hilarious party game that involves matching players with entertaining and often ridiculously random descriptions. It’s an ideal card game for playing with close friends since your victory will ultimately depend on how well you know the other players in the game. It’s a definite fun way to discover new, surprising things about the humans in your life.
  • exploding kittens nsfw card game
    Exploding Kitten NSFW Edition Card Game

    Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition

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    Famous for being the most successful Kickstarter project of all time, Exploding Kittens’ NSFW edition is amongst the most hilarious games to date. With its easy-to-follow instructions, it’s perfect for engaging those with even the lowest attention span, but despite its quirkiness and simplicity, there is some strategy involved.
  • Risk Game of Thrones Edition
    Game of Thrones Risk Board Game

    Risk: Game of Thrones Board Game

    Conquer the Seven Kingdoms and the Iron Throne in this epic Game of Thrones edition of the game Risk. With three variations to choose from: 2-player, 5-player, or 7-player, this strategic game of blood and warfare is bound to consume at least 6 hours of your night. Sharpen your swords and start planning your next hardcore board game night.

  • Never Have I Ever Card Game - Best Party Game

    Never Have I Ever, the Game of Poor Life Decisions

    This is great since most people suck at coming up with original questions when it comes to drunkenly playing this game. This Never Have I Ever game is hilarious for parties since it tends to involve more (highly entertaining) storytelling than anything else. It’s also a perfect opportunity to discover your friends’ dirty little secrets.
  • The Walking Dead Monopoly - Survival Edition
    Walking Dead Survival Edition Monopoly

    The Walking Dead Monopoly (Survival Edition)

    Walking Dead fans and board game lovers alike will rejoice in this zombie apocalypse rendition of Monopoly. Fans will especially appreciate the chosen tokens (a bucket of body parts, Rick’s hat, etc.) and properties (Rick’s neighborhood, Greene family barn, etc.). The survival element adds a whole new level of excitement to an inherently competitive game.
  • Glass Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game Set
    Glass Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game Set

    Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game With Mini Beer Mugs

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    Since everyone and their Mom knows how to play tic-tac-toe, this is the no brainer of drinking games. It’s made of surprisingly durable glass and is easily hand washable - since we all know drinking games can escalate quickly. The mini beer mug glasses are also adorable on their own. 
  • Buy Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend
    Buy Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend

    Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend

    Enjoy a much-needed blast to the past with this adorable Tamagotchi. While anyone in close proximity will probably hate you, you’ll be too caught up in a world of dreamy childhood games Gotchi points to care.
  • Cards against humanity card game
    Cards Against Humanity - Best Party Game

    Cards Against Humanity

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    Cards Against Humanity is most definitely one of the best party games on the planet. Since there’s nothing more than randomness and chance involved, it’s an incredibly simple game that even the haters will partake in. Who knows, you might even collectively pee yourselves laughing.