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  • Datamancer The Sojourner Keyboard

    The best thing about the Datamancer Sojourner keyboard is the hundreds of hilarious reviews it has inspired on Amazon. While rummaging through dozens of reviews, you’ll suddenly stumble upon one that is so serious that it’s confusing. Are the swatches really from the Apollo 11 command capsule or am I gullible? Nonetheless, it seems as though fathers have sold their wives, their daughters’ virginities — only for the $15 shipping though — and even traded in their children to slavery in order to own this piece of work.
  • Ozobot 2.0 Bit Programmable Interactive Robot

    Unleash your inner geek! Ozobot 2.0 is a programmable Interactive Robot that lets you program your own personal interactive robot to do whatever you please. Through color coding and drawing paths, anyone can learn the basics of coding and deductive reasoning with Ozobot 2.0 —even a 5-year old! It comes with a website packed with programming resources and a fun app to get you started.
  • 3D printing pen
    3D printing pen

    3D Printing Pen

    The 7TECH 3D Printing Pen lets you unleash your inner workings and draw 3D objects in thin air — literally. This 3D pen is great for creating models, mini structures, artwork and any small prototype. Depending on your creative needs, you can easily change temperature from PLA to ABS. This is a cool gadget for an amateur 3D designer.
  • flashing LED tie
    sound activated flashing LED tie

    Sound Activated Flashing LED Tie

    It’s impossible to not be noticed with this Sound Activated Flashing LED Tie. The LED lights on the tie flash in sync with the music playing, making it all-the-more awesome. Whether it’s for a rave, EDM music festival, New Year’s Eve celebration or a Halloween party, this original tie should fit the occasion. Also, with Halloween just around the corner, this tie is the perfect way to get away with not dressing up. Just throw it over a button-up shirt and let the flashing lights and music work its magic.
  • Hiku shopping list gadget
    Hiku shopping list gadget

    Hiku Shopping List

    Hiku shopping list might not be a necessary household item, but for anyone with less than perfect organization skills or a shady memory when it comes to replacing household items, Hiku is a pretty useful gadget for the home. Basically, whenever an item needs replacement, whether it be toilet paper or deodorant, scan the barcode using Hiku and the item will be added to your smartphone’s shopping list. Hiku also recognizes your voice so you can verbally add items to your list as well. It contains one user-friendly button and a magnetized back, allowing it to be set up on the fridge for easy access. As long as Hiku is in your kitchen, you’ll never be able to use the famous “I left the grocery list at home!” excuse.
  • Electric Folding Scooter

    Electric Folding Scooter

    The URB-E Electric Folding Scooter makes personal urban transportation efficient and enjoyable. With a 20 mile range and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, the URB-E scooter is perfect for running errands while avoiding the traffic of a bustling city. It folds so it’s easy to carry around for short distances or store in a vehicle or closet when not in use. It also weighs practically nothing considering its solid, high quality design. Beyond being a convenient personal transportation solution for anyone wanting to optimize their daily commute, URB-E is also a fun and economical way to get around in general. While it might appear pricy, it’s completely designed and manufactured in the USA, so it could easily last you a lifetime with proper usage. Not to mention all the time, energy, and money it’ll save you along the way.
  • Merge VR headset
    VR Headset for iPhone / Andoird

    Virtual Reality Headset – iPhone/Android

    The Merge Virtual Reality Headset is another cool and affordable virtual reality headset available on Amazon. Using nothing but iOS or Android apps on your smartphone, Merge lets you experience the awesomeness of virtual reality without spending hundreds of dollars. The Merge’s VR goggles are lightweight and made from a comfortable foam material so you won’t experience as much discomfort or heaviness after an intense VR gaming session. In addition, The foam design also makes them resistant to drops and spills and easy as ever to clean. To help you find the best virtual reality apps for your iPhone or Android device, Merge has designed a virtual reality app discovery portal that’s accessible via their website. If you’re looking for an affordable way to experience virtual reality, the Merge VR is so far your best choice.
  • Bionic Remote Control Flying Bird
    Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone

    Bionic Remote Control Bird

    Powered by a pocket-sized USB-rechargeable Turbo Charged Egg, the app-enabled Bionic Remote Control Bird is the world’s first furtive drone and also the closest you’ll ever get to literally flying with the birds. While biomimetic engineering allows it to blend into nature without disturbing anyone’s natural habitat, you’ll have to look out for hungry predators. However, the engineers behind the Bionic Bird kept that in mind when designing it to be indestructible - while also including an extra set of wings. With the Flying App for iOS and Android, your smartphone becomes your remote control with a range of up to 100 meters.
  • Secret Spy Camera Pen - 8 gigs of Memory
    Hidden Spy Camera Pen

    Hidden Camera Spy Pen

    Asides from being a tad invasive, this sneaky little rechargeable hidden camera spy pen will discretely capture both HD video, HD photo, and audio without raising any eyebrows. It comes equipped with 8 gigs of capacity (up to 2 hours of creeping) but anyone with serious plans of espionage can purchase a memory card with up to 32 gigs. On a side note, it’s also a decent quality pen.
  • DIY Computer Kit & Programming for Kids
    Kano DIY Computer

    Kano DIY Computer Kit

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    The Kano DIY Computer Kit is a great entry route into the world of coding and technology development. Using this kit, virtually anyone over the age of seven can learn how to build and program a computer. Instead of a tedious manual, Kano comes with easy-to-follow story-like instructions that will walk you through the process using fun illustrations. It also comes with a build-it-yourself speaker and a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Coin 2.0 Smart Credit Card Gadget
    Coin 2.0 - Smart Credit Card Device

    Coin 2.0 – Smart Credit Card Device

    You’ll never lose a credit card again as long as Coin 2.0 is in your life. Coin stores the details of up to eight cards in maximum security while letting you pay via a quick swipe or tap at millions of compatible merchant locations across the U.S. To protect you from theft, Coin won’t unlock unless your smartphone is nearby and when in doubt, Coin’s companion app will monitor its whereabouts. This smart credit card device is an innovative way to keep your wallet organized and slim.
  • HiRise iPad and iPhone Charging Station
    Twelve South Hi Rise iPad and iPhone Dock

    Twelve South HiRise – iPhone/iPad Charging Station

    The Twelve South HiRise is a sleek and minimal iPhone or iPad charging station. Not only is it great for a quick charge, it’s also a stylish way to view your device at a more ergonomic position. Since it’s adjustable, you won’t have to worry about removing your case. In addition to iPhones and iPads, HiRise will charge and dock all of your Apple Magic peripherals, your Siri Remote, and even your Apple game controllers.   
  • App-Enabled Star Wars BB-8 Droid - R2D2
    App-Enabled Star Wars BB-8 Robot - R2D2

    App-Enabled Star Wars BB8 Droid

    This app-enabled BB8 droid is for any Star Wars fan who’s ever dreamed of having their own personal robot. Not only can you easily control it using your smartphone or tablet, this adorable astromech droid can also roam around on its own or abide by your voice commands. Bottom line: this is the coolest gadget for a Star Wars fan.
  • Pencil by Fiftythree - Best iPad iPhone Stylus
    Pencil by 53 - iPad Stylus

    Pencil by 53 – Best Stylus for iPad/iPhone

    If there is a God of stylus’, it’s no other than Pencil by 53. This highly responsive iPhone and iPad stylus lets you realistically draw while using your fingers to smooth edges and blend colors and the stylus’ built-in eraser to erase. While it’s powered by Bluetooth, it’s also usable without a connection. It’s made of solid walnut wood and is wonderfully comfortable to hold. It comes with a free app called Paper, which opens the doors to tons of awesome features, including note-taking and the ability the draw on top of photos.
  • Powerboard by Hoverboard with LED Lights
    Powerboard by Hoverboard - Coolest Hoverboard

    Powerboard by Hoverboard with LED Lights

    A hybrid between an electric scooter and a skateboard, Powerboard’s Hoverboard will have you hovering around town like you own it. While it might come off as the safest idea, its 2 wheels are self-balancing to keep you sturdy and it hits a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour. Its rechargeable battery will keep you moving for up to 6 hours.
  • Homestar Planetarium Projector - Galaxy
    Homestar Planetarium Projector - Galaxy

    Home Planetarium – Galaxy Star Projector

    With this galaxy star projector, you can stare into the Northern Hemisphere of Space in the comfort of your own personal home planetarium. With 60 000 accurately depicted stars projected, a shooting star setting, and two interchangeable projection discs to choose from, this is virtual stargazing at its finest.
  • EOS New York Mixtape Watch
    EOS New York Mixtape Watch

    EOS New York Mixtape Watch

    The stylish EOS New York Mixtape Watch tells the time like no other watch.The mixtape discs turn on both wheels and the time glows so you can easily tell the time, wherever you are. The watch comes with a real leather strap for a great, comfortable fit. Oh, and did we mention it’s also water resistant? Up to 99 feet.
  • Holy Stone Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera & Remote
    Holy Stone Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera & Remote

    Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

    Slightly concerning from a privacy perspective, this Holy Stone quadcopter drone comes with a built-in HD camera and weighs just under 2 pounds. It’s affordable and durable, but not the fastest on the market, making it a great drone for beginners to learn from their mistakes on.
  • Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard
    Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard with Travel Bag

    E-Go Electric Skateboard with Travel Bag

    A lazy skater’s dream come true, the Yuneec electric skateboard will have you skateboarding everywhere within an 18 mile radius of your home. It can move up to 12.5 miles per hour and its speed can be easily controlled using either the handheld remote or the smartphone app. It also comes with a durable travel bag, making it a pretty tempting travel accessory if you’ve got the budget.
  • Rhino Shield Screen Protector for iPhone
    Rhino Shield High Impact-Resistant Screen Protector

    Rhino Shield High Impact-Resistant Screen Protector – iPhone 6

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    This iPhone 6 Rhino Shield screen protector is shock-absorbent, fingerprint proof, and practically bullet-proof. Since it’s made of a glass-like material, you won’t even notice it’s there while it also won’t shatter like most glass screen protectors. This is definitely the best screen protector for a reckless and/or clumsy person.
  • Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset
    Samsung Gear VR - Cheapest Virtual Reality Headset

    Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset

    Not only are virtual reality headsets a dream come true for gamers, they’re also revolutionarily cool for watching movies (and pretending to be part of the cast). Compared to most VR headsets, the Samsung Gear VR is actually affordable since it uses your Samsung Galaxy's screen instead of its own. Its built-in sensors create a real-life perception and make you feel as though you’re truly experiencing what you’re watching or playing.
  • Portable Phone Charger With Built in LED Flash Light
    Portable Phone Charger Power Bank With LED Flashlight

    Mini Portable Power Bank With LED Flashlight

    Whether you’re travelling or on-the-go all day, this mini portable power bank charger will definitely come in handy. It’s compatible with virtually any smartphone and conveniently doubles as a flashlight, making it a wonderful camping accessory. It's a cool under $20 gift idea for a traveller or a forgetful someone.
  • ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker
    Floating Bluetooth Speaker

    ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

    Experience the future of sound with this levitating Bluetooth speaker. Control your music from several feet away while your speaker gloriously spins on its invisible axis. For your uttermost convenience, it’s base comes equipped with a USB port for charging your designated source of music.
  • Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
    PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Remote Control Paper Plane

    PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane

    Take your paper airplane making skills to the next level with this smartphone controlled paper plane accessory. With your smartphone as your remote control, you can whip it out just about anywhere with access to a solid piece of paper. Your pets will certainly never get bored of it.
  • Blade Nano QX Quadcoper
    Blade Nano Quadcoper - Coolest Mini Quadcopter

    Blade Nano QX Mini Quadcopter

    The Nano QX is one of the funnest and smallest quadcopters on the market. Fly it around the house and give your cats and dogs a workout without even having to move a limb. At just 14 grams, you can literally stash it away in your pocket and whip it out when you feel inclined to fly a mini helicopter.