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Cool home accessories, art & decor on Amazon

  • All You Need is Love Neon Sign

    This All You Need is Love neon light is a stylish way to add some positive vibes and decorative lighting to any space. Choose from blue, pink, purple and white lights to get the lighting you want. The neon sign is surprisingly bright, will not overheat and arrives pre-assembled for your convenience.
  • 3D LED Wolf Head Lamp

    The 3D Wolf Head LED lamp is an original way to add some ambient lighting to your space. It comes with 7 different color options that can be set to change automatically if desired. This wolf lamp is the perfect decorative piece for someone who collects wolf decor or simply loves wolves.
  • LED Oil diffuser on Amazon
    Innogear Oil Diffuser

    InnoGear LED Oil Diffuser

    InnoGear’s LED Oil diffuser diffuses oil into your home and looks sexy while doing it. It has 6 adjustable colors  to choose from, depending on your mood. You can time it for 1, 3 or 6 hours to ensure that you won’t forget to turn it off.  Unlike many aromatherapy diffusers out there, InnoGrear’s make no noise at all and creates the perfect zen ambiance in your space.
  • awair air quality monitor
    smart air quality monitor

    Awair – Smart Air Quality Monitor

    Air quality is something that is often overlooked, especially when it comes to the air we breathe in the comfort of our own home. The Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor keeps track of temperature, CO2 levels, VOCs, dust and humidity in your home. Not only does Awair help keep your body free from toxins and irritating particles, it also educates people on the impact that the air we breathe has on our overall health and productivity. After telling Awair what you’re most concerned about, eczema example, the smart device will provide recommendations based on its air monitor readings and the associated consequences. To top things off, the Awair monitor has a beautiful minimalist look, which will add a stylish touch to any home.
  • Hiku shopping list gadget
    Hiku shopping list gadget

    Hiku Shopping List

    Hiku shopping list might not be a necessary household item, but for anyone with less than perfect organization skills or a shady memory when it comes to replacing household items, Hiku is a pretty useful gadget for the home. Basically, whenever an item needs replacement, whether it be toilet paper or deodorant, scan the barcode using Hiku and the item will be added to your smartphone’s shopping list. Hiku also recognizes your voice so you can verbally add items to your list as well. It contains one user-friendly button and a magnetized back, allowing it to be set up on the fridge for easy access. As long as Hiku is in your kitchen, you’ll never be able to use the famous “I left the grocery list at home!” excuse.
  • Pure Clean Robot Vacuum
    Robot Vacuum Amazon

    Pure clean vaccum robot

    Robot vacuums are a great match for those with busy lifestyles and pets. With two furry cats and allergies, vacuuming once a week just doesn't suffice. When we saw Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner at $79, we were immediately intrigued. There are not many robot vacuums at under $100.  Whether you’ve got tile floors, wood floors or carpeted, this little robotic cleaning machine will work its way throughout your home, sucking up all that fur and other guck along the way. Simply select a level of cleaning — 10, 20, or 90 minutes — depending on how filthy your floors are (or how many pets you have!) and how large your home is and you’re all set. The easiest and most affordable way to return home to spotless floors on the daily.
  • Automatic Treat Dispenser for pets
    Petzi treat dispenser cam

    Petzi Treat Cam – Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

    Keeping your pets happy and entertained while you’re out and about wasn’t possible until the Petzi Treat Cam made its way onto Kickstarter. Now you can keep your furry friends entertained from across the continent while watching them jump with joy from a live cam. The Petzi Treat Cam is both an app and wall mounted treat dispenser with an HD camera. The Petzi app lets you spy on your pets via live 720p video, take candid photos of them, launch treats and mingle with a community of pet enthusiasts through Petzi’s Social Network. Whether you have a cat, dog, or all of the above, the Petzi Treat Cam is a must-have home accessory for a pet lover with a busy lifestyle.
  • Cat Body Pillow for Infinite Cuddles
    Cuddling with Cat Body Pillow

    Cat Body Pillow

    Lets face it, most cats just can’t cuddle the way you want them to. Their bodies are small and frail, their attention spans are limited; basically, they’d much rather scratch at a carpet or partake in predatory behavior than become your small spoon for hours on end. This Cat Body Pillow is the perfect cuddle pillow for someone who’s unsatisfied with their cats cuddle skills or lack thereof. It’s also a great sleep accessory for someone who simply wants to experience the nightlong comfort of a gigantic soft and fluffy cat. Whether you have a cat or are allergic to cats but love them nonetheless, this cuddly Cat Body Pillow is worthy of a spot on your bed.
  • Vintage Camera Pillow case
    Retro Camera Pillow Case

    Vintage Camera Pillow Cover

    When it comes to decorating your home, the use of pillows as decor is often overlooked. In addition, stylish, decorative pillows are typically priced for the middle-aged homeowner. With this 18” by 18” retro camera pillow cover, you can transform even the ugliest pillow into a creative living room or bedroom vintage decor piece without breaking the bank. It’s also a cool gift for a retro camera lover.
  • Geometric Prisms Wall Decor
    Geometric Home Decor - Metal Prisms

    Geometric Prisms Wall Decor

    Whether you’re looking for table decor, wall decor, or hanging ceiling decor, Umbra’s Geometric Prisms are an original and modern choice of decor for your home. The set includes six prisms consisting of three sets of unique geometric designs. They’re made from metal and available in a copper, black, or matté brass finish. If you’re the creative type, you can easily paint them to mesh with your existing home decor.
  • USB Rechargeable Foot Warmers & Heated Slippers
    USB Heated Slippers

    USB Heated Slippers & Foot Warmers

    Anyone in the northern hemisphere (or anything with poor circulation) can relate to having uncomfortably cold feet when seated for too long. These s’mores foot warmers and slippers will keep your feet warm and toasty throughout the winter. They come with a 57 inch USB cable that heats the foot warmers when plugged in. When unplugged, you can roam freely in your cozy s’mores slippers.
  • Cow Skull Wall Mount Decor
    Wall Mountable Cow Skull Decor

    Cow Skull Wall Decor

    This wall-mountable cow skull is all you need to add a western touch of badass to your home. While it looks suspiciously realistic, it’s actually just a well crafted reproduction. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of having an animal skull mounted on their wall, this is a highly affordable and ethical solution.
  • Hanging Scrabble Letter Lights LED
    Hanging Scrabble Tile Lights LED

    LED Scrabble Letter Lights

    These decorative LED scrabble letter lights are a cool way to add some personalized decor and creative lighting to your home. With 10 scrabble tile lights and 60 reusable letter stickers to choose from, you can easily switch up the message for different occasions. They’re also a cool gift for a scrabble game lover!
  • Love Life Neon Sign - Inspirational Home Decor
    Love Life Neon Sign - Cool Neon Light Signs

    LOVE LIFE Neon Light Sign

    This 20” by 9” Love Life neon sign is a cool and original way to add some ambient lighting to your home while also conveying an inspirational, but slightly cheesy, message. Having recently admired Lady Gaga’s awesome living room neon word lights in the last episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, we were immediately drawn to this.
  • Toilet Night Light
    Toilet Night Light

    Toilet Night Light (Motion Activated)

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    A previous Kickstarter success, the IllumiBowl toilet night light is all you need for non-awakening midnight trip to the bathroom. Instead of turning the lights on or stumbling over objects in the dark, the IllumiBowl will unobtrusively light your way. It’s battery-operated and has motion detectors so it’ll only light up when it senses motion. With 8 different colors to choose from, you’ll never get bored on the toilet again.
  • Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet feeder
    Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

    SmartFeeder – Automatic Pet Feeder

    Don’t let your busy lifestyle or irregular work hours impact your pet’s eating habits. Instead, let this automatic pet feeder maintain your pet’s optimal feeding schedule and serving size. The Petnet SmartFeeder is controlled by an iOS app so you can basically feed your pet from anywhere in the World. This is a great gadget for feeding cats, however, we don’t encourage you to leave your dog home alone for more than a day.
  • glow in the dark forest wall mural
    glow in the dark forest wall mural

    Glow-in-the-Dark Nature Wall Mural

    This huge glow-in-the-dark landscape wall mural is vibrant and incredibly realistic-looking. Since it glows in the dark, your room will light up beautifully at night like an enchanted forest. For someone who lives in the city and doesn’t get to experience the beauty of nature, this is the perfect nature wall mural.
  • Umbra Fish Hotel Aquarium Tank
    Fish Hotel Aquarium

    Umbra Fish Hotel Aquarium

    The Umbra Fish Hotel aquarium is a modern and unique way to expose your fish friends to the world. As opposed to classic fish bowls, this square fish tank can be stacked upon others to create a classy hotel or condo vibe for your fish. On a practical scale, it’s also an easy (and decorative) way to keep certain fish separate from each other since it comes with 4 optional compartments.
  • World Scratch Map - Cool Decor
    World Scratch Map - Cool Maps on Amazon

    Personalized Scratch World Map

    Luckies of London’s scratch world map is a creative and fun way of keeping track of all the countries you’ve had the luxury of visiting. The more you’ve travelled, the more colorful the map becomes. Asides from being the coolest personalized world map that we’ve seen so far, it’s also a cool gift for a traveller.
  • Bloody Hands Shower Curtain
    Bloody Hands Shower Curtain

    Bloody Hands Shower Curtain

    Spontaneously scare the hell out of your friends with this bloody hands shower curtain. To make it a tad more realistic, the curtain is a dirty-looking, off-white color. In case you plan on using it as your main shower curtain (which we highly recommend), it’s made of waterproof polyester that’s ultra soft on the skin. Basically, if you like creepy shower curtains and bathroom murder scenes, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Stay Weird - Inspirational Wall Art / Decor
    Stay Weird - Inspirational Wall Art / Decor

    Stay Weird – Wall Art Print

    This limited edition, inspirational Stay Weird wall art print will help you keep it real in times of need. It’s a pretty self-explanatory artwork with a beautiful message: be weird and stay weird, forever. It’s also an original gift for your favorite weird person.