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  • DIY Screen Printing Kit
    DIY Screen Printing Kit

    DIY Screen Printing Kit

    This DIY silkscreen printing kit contains everything you need to silkscreen like a pro from home. Whether you’re a graphic designer with cool t-shirt ideas or are simply looking to silkscreen images you’ve found online, this kit will walk you through the steps to creating professional looking t-shirts. It comes with an informative silk screening tutorial DVD and manual to help get you started. Since it’s not as simple as you might think, we only recommend this kit to those who are seriously interested in learning how to screen print.
  • Electric Folding Scooter
    Electric Folding Scooter 2

    Electric Folding Scooter

    The URB-E Electric Folding Scooter makes personal urban transportation efficient and enjoyable. With a 20 mile range and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, the URB-E scooter is perfect for running errands while avoiding the traffic of a bustling city. It folds so it’s easy to carry around for short distances or store in a vehicle or closet when not in use. It also weighs practically nothing considering its solid, high quality design. Beyond being a convenient personal transportation solution for anyone wanting to optimize their daily commute, URB-E is also a fun and economical way to get around in general. While it might appear pricy, it’s completely designed and manufactured in the USA, so it could easily last you a lifetime with proper usage. Not to mention all the time, energy, and money it’ll save you along the way.
  • The Complete Beer Course
    The Complete Beer Course-2

    The Complete Beer Course

    The Complete Beer Course is an entertaining beginner’s guide to beer that will help you move from a beer lover to a beer expert in 12 easy-to-follow courses on beer.  With so many craft beers to choose from nowadays, becoming a modern day beer expert goes beyond bar hopping and home brewing. This beer guide will help you discover the many different styles of beer that exist in addition to providing you with in-depth information on the beer aging process, the significance of hops, optimal beer and food pairing and the variety of craft breweries that exist throughout the world. Beautiful photography combined with useful information on beer make this beer guide book a great leisurely read. Or at the very least, an asset for your coffee table.
  • Funny Party photos Props Kit
    Fun Photo Shoot accessories

    Box 51 Photo Booth

    The Box 51 Photo Booth set provides all the props you need for an awesome party photoshoot. This fun party photo kit includes a whopping 24 cardboard props including bowties, absurd moustaches, geeky glasses, voluptuous fake lips and lots more fun items. Sticks with self-adhesive ends are provided so that items can be easily propped up when it’s time to party. The best of all, it even comes with a fancy looking frame that will add a professional touch to your party pics. Box 51 is a cool party accessory for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday parties, holiday celebrations and pretty much any other event where taking memorable and awesome looking photos are a good idea.
  • Automatic Treat Dispenser for pets
    Petzi treat dispenser cam

    Petzi Treat Cam – Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

    Keeping your pets happy and entertained while you’re out and about wasn’t possible until the Petzi Treat Cam made its way onto Kickstarter. Now you can keep your furry friends entertained from across the continent while watching them jump with joy from a live cam. The Petzi Treat Cam is both an app and wall mounted treat dispenser with an HD camera. The Petzi app lets you spy on your pets via live 720p video, take candid photos of them, launch treats and mingle with a community of pet enthusiasts through Petzi’s Social Network. Whether you have a cat, dog, or all of the above, the Petzi Treat Cam is a must-have home accessory for a pet lover with a busy lifestyle.
  • Smart Water Bottle with LED Light and Radio
    HYDRA Smart Bottle with Bluetooth speaker

    Hydra Smart Bottle with Bluetooth speaker

    If the HYDRA Smart Bottle isn’t the Swiss army knife of water bottles, we don’t know what is. Seriously, this water bottle has so many cool features that actually drinking water from isn’t even necessary. Hear this: HYDRA is all at once a 5W Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone, a radio, a portable USB phone charger, a multi-color LED lantern, a sleeping aid that emits soothing sounds, a bottle opener, and not to mention, it’s also a 20oz water bottle. But wait, there’s more! To help keep valuables safe while getting your physical activity on, the HYDRA bottle even has a hidden compartment to store small items like money or jewelry. After a long day of outdoor activities, HYDRA’s Sleeper app for iOS and Android plays relaxing nature sounds that transform your smart water bottle into a sleeping aid. This is the perfect gadget to take camping or hiking. After two successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, the HYDRA Smart Bottle is now available to buy on Amazon.
  • Fastest way to defrost your meat or frozen foods
    Fast Defrosting Tray

    Fast Defrosting Tray

    This is the kind of kitchen accessory that literally anyone with food in their freezer could benefit from. Let’s be real here, we’ve all experienced the frustruation of forgetting to defrost something the night before. With this defrosting tray, you’ll never have to spend more than half an hour thawing your meat or other frozen goodies (unless it’s an entire which case it might not fit on the tray). It’s made out of thermal conductive material so your food defrosts without even needing an electricity source. Not only does this awesome kitchen gadget save you time and energy, it also saves you from having to resort to using the microwave’s sketchy defrost setting.
  • Funny card games for parties
    Ibetchya party card games from Kickstarter

    IBETCHA: The ultimate party game

    , ,
    Brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign, Ibetcha is a hilarious party game that combines two widely beloved party games: Cards Against Humanity and Never Have I Ever. Like most games for parties, Ibetcha gets a little raunchy at times, but the explicitness is balanced out by a mix of semi-explicit and completely non-explicit cards. The ultimate objective of the game is to guess what messed up things your friends have or haven’t done or what they’d be willing to do. Gameplay is pretty simple: each player puts down a Betchya Card that they think the Victim (the player whose turn it is) has done or would be willing to do. The Victim must then confess or deny each card that they’ve received. This is where it gets hilarious: the group of players must then shout which story should be revealed in further detail. The Victim then must tell that story in full detail. Whoever submitted the card that merited a story wins the number of points indicated on the card. The player that reaches 10 points first wins the game. Overall, this is a great party game for getting to know your friend’s dirty little secrets.
  • Merge VR headset
    VR Headset for iPhone / Andoird

    Virtual Reality Headset – iPhone/Android

    The Merge Virtual Reality Headset is another cool and affordable virtual reality headset available on Amazon. Using nothing but iOS or Android apps on your smartphone, Merge lets you experience the awesomeness of virtual reality without spending hundreds of dollars. The Merge’s VR goggles are lightweight and made from a comfortable foam material so you won’t experience as much discomfort or heaviness after an intense VR gaming session. In addition, The foam design also makes them resistant to drops and spills and easy as ever to clean. To help you find the best virtual reality apps for your iPhone or Android device, Merge has designed a virtual reality app discovery portal that’s accessible via their website. If you’re looking for an affordable way to experience virtual reality, the Merge VR is so far your best choice.
  • DIY Home Brewing Kit
    Mr. Beer DIY Beer Making Kit

    DIY Craft Beer Brewing Kit

    The Mr. Beer Brewing Kit is the perfect starter kit for an aspiring brewer. The kit includes a two gallon reusable keg, eleven reusable plastic beer bottles with caps and labels, two of their best malt beer refills (Aztec Mexican Cerveza and Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner), two no-rinse equipment cleanser sachets, as well as a comprehensive beginner’s guide to beer making in video (DVD) and paper format. Not only is this the most affordable beer brewing kit on Amazon, it’s also an economical way to drink craft beer at home since you can brew about 24 pints of beer with the two refills provided. If Mexican Beer and Czech Pilsner aren’t enough for you, you can also brew your own IPA, Irish Stout, American Ale, German Lager and more using Mr. Beer’s refills available in their Amazon store.With literally all you need to brew your own delicious beer from home, there’s no telling how far you can go with this awesome DIY brewing kit.
  • Intova Duo Waterproof HD Action Camera
    Intova HD Waterproof Action Camera Doubles as Sports Camera

    Waterproof HD Action Camera

    Intova’s Duo Waterproof HD Action Camera is the perfect compact camera for an adventurer with a variety of outdoor video or photo needs. With its removable waterproof shell, the mini camera easily converts from a waterproof action camera that floats to a small but durable action camera for your out-of-the-water needs. It’s lightweight and pocket-sized, making it a handy accessory to bring to outdoor festivals or to beachside vacations. Intova’s Duo HD Action Camera is amongst the most affordable action cameras on Amazon.
  • Cat Body Pillow for Infinite Cuddles
    Cuddling with Cat Body Pillow

    Cat Body Pillow

    Lets face it, most cats just can’t cuddle the way you want them to. Their bodies are small and frail, their attention spans are limited; basically, they’d much rather scratch at a carpet or partake in predatory behavior than become your small spoon for hours on end. This Cat Body Pillow is the perfect cuddle pillow for someone who’s unsatisfied with their cats cuddle skills or lack thereof. It’s also a great sleep accessory for someone who simply wants to experience the nightlong comfort of a gigantic soft and fluffy cat. Whether you have a cat or are allergic to cats but love them nonetheless, this cuddly Cat Body Pillow is worthy of a spot on your bed.
  • Zebra Wood LSTN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
    LSTN Mini Bluetooth Speaker in Zebrawood

    Portable Wood Bluetooth Speaker

    Standing just 3-inches tall and handcrafted from genuine zebra wood, the LSTN Satellite Portable Bluetooth Speaker produces a clean, high quality sound for its small size and vintage look. The mini wireless speaker boasts an impressive 10-hour battery life and has a built-in mic that allows you to skip songs or make hands-free phone calls with ease. It’s charged using a USB connection and has an AUX input for non-Bluetooth devices. The speaker was crowdfunded by an Indiegogo campaign that managed to raise over $50,000 USD with all profits donated to the hearing-impaired of third world countries. If you’re looking for a stylish premium speaker that will blend right into your work space, LSTN’s Satellite is your guy.
  • Chemist's Test Tube Spice Rack
    Periodic Table of Spices and Herbs

    Chemist’s Spice Rack

    For some reason, laboratory equipment tends to look much cooler in the kitchen than it does in a chemistry lab and this Chemist's Spice Rack is a perfect example of that. Made of wood and glass, the spice rack fits five spice-filled test tubes and comes with a periodic table containing 36 reusable labels for your spices or herbs (example: Rm = rosemary and Gr = ginger). Each test tube is sealed airtight with a green silicone stopper to preserve spices’ freshness and flavour. There are lots of cool and decorative ways to display your spices in the kitchen and this has to be amongst our favorites.
  • Disturbed Friends - Funny Party Games
    Disturbed Friends Card Game - Cool Party Games on Amazon

    Disturbed Friends – A Party Game That Should be Banned

    The self-acclaimed worst game ever made, Disturbed Friends might be the only party game out there that lets you discover how sick in the head your friends think you are (or how sick THEY are). Gameplay is quite simple, players take turns asking a variety of disturbing and enjoyably offensive multiple choice questions regarding what they would do in a given situation. To make things as ridiculous as possible, the answer choices provided are even more outrageous. Opponents must then individually decide which of the three answers provided would the player be most likely to choose. Whoever chooses the right answer receives a #winning card and by the end of the game, the player with the most #winning cards wins. The game includes 250 disturbing question cards and 100 even more disturbing #winning cards. Asides from being outright nasty at times, Disturbed Friends is a hilarious party game that must be played at least once in a lifetime. If it’s somehow not twisted enough for your standards, the banned Suicide Deck expansion pack is probably what you’re looking for.
  • Time lapse Camera & Smartphone Accessory
    Time lapse Camera or Smartphone Mount

    Timelapse Camera Mount

    Veho’s Muvi X-Lapse timelapse camera mount lets you easily record smooth and stable 90° degree to 360° degree timelapse videos or take panoramic photos. Catering to the smartphone photographer, the Muvi X-Lapse comes equipped with a smartphone holder to allow for panoramic timelapse smartphone photography and app-integration. It’s compatible with DSLRs, action-cameras, and digital cameras weighing up to 750 grams. This is a cool camera accessory for an aspiring photographer.  
  • Vintage Camera Pillow case
    Retro Camera Pillow Case

    Vintage Camera Pillow Cover

    When it comes to decorating your home, the use of pillows as decor is often overlooked. In addition, stylish, decorative pillows are typically priced for the middle-aged homeowner. With this 18” by 18” retro camera pillow cover, you can transform even the ugliest pillow into a creative living room or bedroom vintage decor piece without breaking the bank. It’s also a cool gift for a retro camera lover.
  • Portable Recording Booth
    Portable Recording Studio

    Portable Recording Booth

    Padding up the walls of your bedroom or renting out a recording studio is beyond the means and budget of most amateur, millennial musicians. Studio-grade sound recording doesn’t have to cost a fortune with the SnapRecorder portable recording studio. To make things even more feasible, you can record crispy clean audio from the comfort of your own home. Its design incorporates three layers of soundproofing technology to ensure that unwanted noises and echoes aren’t picked up. To cater to this generation’s tech-savvy musician, the recording booth comes with a smartphone dock to facilitate reading lyrics or digital sheet music while recording. With a USB connection, sounds are directly recorded onto your laptop and ready for editing.
  • What should I make for dinner cookbook
    What should I make for dinner cookbook

    What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner Cookbook

    No more wondering what the fuck you should make for dinner, this cookbook has your next 50 meal ideas planned. With simple yet delicious recipes for both vegetarians and meat lovers, this recipe book is great for the amateur cook who lacks inspiration or gets bored of cooking up the same meals on a weekly basis. Contrary to the majority of mouth-watering cookbooks, the recipes included are easy-to-follow and mostly don’t require an too many ingredients. To top things off, it’s written in a hilariously witty tongue, making every page engaging in a “I want that in my belly now” kind of way as well as in a “laughing my ass off” kind of way.
  • Urban Dictionary Card Game
    Urban Dictionary - Party Game of Slang

    Urban Dictionary: The Party Game of Slang

    The Urban Dictionary Card Game takes the funniest and most obscene words and expressions coined by the Urban Dictionary community and turns them into a hilarious Cards of Humanity-like card game, but with a twist. Gameplay is straightforward: players take turns responding to prompt cards using vocabulary curated from the Urban Dictionary website. Some cards must be acted out or sketched on the provided dry erase board. The designated judge must then decide which player’s word choice, drawing, or performance was the most inappropriately hilarious. The first player to win over the judge's sense of humor five times wins. The game comes equipped with 330 word cards, 81 prompt cards, a dry erase board and a marker.
  • Bionic Remote Control Flying Bird
    Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone

    Bionic Remote Control Bird

    Powered by a pocket-sized USB-rechargeable Turbo Charged Egg, the app-enabled Bionic Remote Control Bird is the world’s first furtive drone and also the closest you’ll ever get to literally flying with the birds. While biomimetic engineering allows it to blend into nature without disturbing anyone’s natural habitat, you’ll have to look out for hungry predators. However, the engineers behind the Bionic Bird kept that in mind when designing it to be indestructible - while also including an extra set of wings. With the Flying App for iOS and Android, your smartphone becomes your remote control with a range of up to 100 meters.
  • Geometric Prisms Wall Decor
    Geometric Home Decor - Metal Prisms

    Geometric Prisms Wall Decor

    Whether you’re looking for table decor, wall decor, or hanging ceiling decor, Umbra’s Geometric Prisms are an original and modern choice of decor for your home. The set includes six prisms consisting of three sets of unique geometric designs. They’re made from metal and available in a copper, black, or matté brass finish. If you’re the creative type, you can easily paint them to mesh with your existing home decor.
  • Shaker 33 - Cocktail Drink Shaker Set
    Shaker 33 - Cocktail Drink Shaker Set

    Shaker33 Best Cocktail Shaker Set

    Shaker33 is the perfect drink-making accessory for mixing up professional grade cocktails in the comfort of your own kitchen. Unlike most mainstream cocktail shakers, Shaker33 is fully leak-proof and also won’t freeze your hands in the process. It holds up to 24 ounces of liquid, includes two straining sizes to accommodate different cocktail recipes, and is available in either a clear or frosted shade. Once the fun and drinks come to an end, simply throw it in the dishwasher and call it a night. Yup, you can literally throw it since it’s also shatter-proof. This cocktail mixer an awesome gift for an aspiring bartender or mixologist, especially since it comes nicely gift packaged.
  • Secret Spy Camera Pen - 8 gigs of Memory
    Hidden Spy Camera Pen

    Hidden Camera Spy Pen

    Asides from being a tad invasive, this sneaky little rechargeable hidden camera spy pen will discretely capture both HD video, HD photo, and audio without raising any eyebrows. It comes equipped with 8 gigs of capacity (up to 2 hours of creeping) but anyone with serious plans of espionage can purchase a memory card with up to 32 gigs. On a side note, it’s also a decent quality pen.